In a recent exclusive video, obtained by People, Sumit Singh, the 32-year-old Reality TV star from TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé,” has a bit of a blowout with his parents. It has become clear that he is at his wit’s end with them. It also seems they are stubborn and set in their ways - unwilling to bend.

Jenny Slatten, who is 61, first met Sumit in Season 1 of “90 Day Fiancé.” They met online and, eventually, Jenny decided to leave her children and grandchildren behind in Palm Springs, California to move with Sumit to Dehli, India.

‘What about your parent’s happiness?’

Almost immediately, after arriving in Dehli, Jenny discovered that Sumit was already in a crumbling marriage and she subsequently returned to the United States. So, this season, it appears that Sumit is working to end his previous marriage and pleading with his parents to welcome Jenny into the family.

In the video, Sumit’s parents tell him that he’s only concerned about his happiness and ask him, “What about your parent’s happiness?” Sumit bellows back, “I got married thinking of your happiness!”

He went on scolding them saying that he had listened to them before and went forward with a marriage that they had arranged. He said that, though they had thought it was a good idea, it turned out not to be one for him.

They said that they had no idea his arranged marriage would end so badly. His mother said, “We thought we’d adjust” but Sumit yelled back to his mother that he “was dying.” Tears began flowing from his mother's eyes as she admitted that she and her husband made a mistake. Angrily, Sumit demanded to know why, if she knew they made a mistake, she didn’t help him - that it was he that had to take that step, make that mistake.

His mother naively claimed that they did everything for him by letting his wife go. He is aghast at her claim, again repeating more loudly than before, that it was he that had to take that step - not his parents. He said that, in the two and a half years of his marriage, he had stopped sharing his thoughts with his parents.

Later in the video, his father admits, “The mistake was mine,” nodding and saying that he was the one who tried to force his son to marry.

She’s ‘more than double his age!’

The conversation took a turn when his father brought up the age disparity between Jenny and Sumit. He said: “It’s a different thing,” as if the relationship with jenny would still be a problem, just in a different way. Sumit yells that the reason they are sad is not for him but for what other people in Indian society were going to say about his relationship with Jenny. Sumit bellows that, because of their selfish needs, it was he that had to suffer and that it almost drove him to suicide.

Whatever else comes from this heated conversation, it seems that some hard issues are at least being discussed now.

We can be hopeful for Sumit's future. Whether that will ultimately include Jenny still remains to be seen. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more of TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé” updates as soon as we can get our hands on them and put it to ink.