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Jana Duggar hidden in Jessa and Jinger Duggar visit, 'Counting On' fans lose it

Why did 'Counting On' show Ben and Jessa Seewald visiting Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo yet hide '19 Kids and Counting' Jana Duggar and female friend?
Why did a siblings' visit to Jinger Duggar Vuolo cause fans to explode? TLC "Counting On" showed Ben and Jessa Seewald going to San Antonio to see the Vuolos, yet hid Jana Duggar and her female...
18 September 2017 -
M. Sachteleben

Jana Duggar absent in Michelle Duggar birthday posts, 'Counting On' fans explode

'19 Kids and Counting' fans lose it as Anna and Josh Duggar included but Jana Duggar left out or relegated to nannying 'Counting On' kids.
In order to count in the "Counting On" Duggar family, you have to either be married, courting or one of the "19 Kids and Counting" under 12, it seems. Case in point is Jana Duggar who is left out of...
19 September 2017 -
M. Sachteleben

'Dancing with the Stars' season 25: When is the first elimination?

Which celebrity dancer will go home first on 'Dancing with the Stars' season 25?
The "Dancing with the Stars" season 25 premiere is just hours away and fans are already wondering which celebrity dancer will go home first and who will win the Mirrorball trophy this season. The...
17 September 2017 -
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  • 'My 600-lb Life': Laura Perez shocks with weight loss, plastic surgery makeover

    Laura Perez loses over 400 pounds and husband after gastric bypass, plastic surgery -- gains new start as Angelika Pacheco.
    Ms. Laura Perez of "My 600-lb Life" posted updates on Facebook recently and you will not recognize her after an over 400-lb weight loss and plastic surgery. For the season 3 star, it's a story of gain...
    19 September 2017
    M. Sachteleben
  • Jessa Duggar fires back at critics

    After being the subject of mommy-shaming, Duggar wasn't going to keep quiet.
    Jessa Duggar has been picked on in the media a lot lately. From her mommy blunders to her husband's liberal attitude, there has been a lot of talk about her private life. Earlier this year, Jessa...
    16 September 2017
    T. Bailey
  • Anna Duggar welcomes son as Josh Duggar fails 'Counting On' incest lawsuit

    Anna Duggar gives birth to a boy, Josh Duggar 'Counting On' suing cops as lawsuit is halted.
    Mrs. Anna Duggar welcomed her fifth child in less than auspicious circumstances. One day after her husband Josh Duggar was banned from joining his molested sisters in their incest lawsuit, their son...
    16 September 2017
    M. Sachteleben
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