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"This Is Us" quickly became one of the best new shows in the fall of 2016. One year later, fans still can't wait to see what happens each week. They are eager to see the Pearson family's lives unfold in both past and present. Right from the start, this drama warms the soul and pulls at heart strings. It also has resonated real life into their story lines that somehow drag you in deeper.

Jack Pearson loves his children to the ends of the earth, and his romance with Rebecca has been the heart of the show. He was the one who convinced her to look deep in her heart to adopt a child that wasn't originally part of their future. That decision changed their lives completely. Unfortunately, Jack is not a part of the present. It was revealed early on that he had eventually died. His death has been the talk of the "This Is Us" community, but there is so much more to be revealed about his life.

Despite being completely heartbroken over the death of her third child, Rebecca Pearson trusted her husband when he showed her the baby that had been abandoned the same day that she gave birth to triplets. Her sorrow soon turned to joy as Randall became part of their family. She loves Jack and her children with all of her heart, and she has stood by her husband through thick and thin.

Randall Pearson has grown up to be quite a successful man. He is smart, has a gorgeous wife, Beth, and 2 sweet daughters, and has a heart of gold. He always seemed to have it together, but last season fans saw him break down in a major panic attack while dealing with finding out about his biological dad and losing him soon after from cancer. Now he and Beth are set to add to their family through adoption just like his parents did.

Kate Pearson has been battling weight issues pretty much her whole life. She has also been battling her feelings on losing her dad at an early age and comparing herself to her mother. Kate had a special relationship with Jack and his death hit her hard. She is now engaged to Toby, who stands by her 100%.

Kevin Pearson may be known as "The Manny," but he is so much more than that. His life as an actor has had many disappointments along the way, as has his love life. He is very close with sister Kate and has looked out for her his whole life. Now that Toby is in the picture, the two men are struggling with their roles in Kate's life.

There is so much more to the Pearson family story that will eventually be revealed, which will also include Beth, Toby, Sophie, and yes...even Miguel.

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