''This Is Us'' Season 4 is expected to go deeper into the Pearsons' affairs. Season 3 finale brought some much-needed closure to some sensitive matters such as Rebecca's future self, but, at the time, more dilemmas occurred during the process.

In that extended future timeline, Kevin Pearson's dream of having kids seems to have been fulfilled sometime along the way. And that raises a simple yet burning question about Kevin's decisions that led to that. Who is the mother of that child? Or, was he adopted by Kevin?

In all honesty, knowing Kevin Pearson's history is hard to anticipate the right answer to these questions.

What we know about Kevin and his son

As far as that particular future scene is concerned, Kevin Pearson's son's age is between eight to ten. Other details are hard to extract from that scene.

With some sort of temporal coordinate in place, one may go a step further. Assuming that the child hasn't been adopted, that would mean Kevin is about to hit his fifties.

As his siblings said, Kevin had it easy for the most part of his life. In that future timeline, you can hear Toby wondering about the size of Kevin's house. Therefore, we can only assume that the acting career went spectacular over the years for Kevin.

That short glimpse into the future called "What Does The Future Hold?" may have other details awaiting for our scrutiny.

You can rewatch the scene below and perhaps uncover some missed details.

Season 3's finale was mostly about Rebecca Pearson and her future version. And that means other important sides of the story could have easily been neglected, including the one with Kevin Pearson and his son.

Justin Hartley spoke about Kevin during an interview

Although NBC hasn't officially renewed ''This Is Us'' for Season 4, the show is expected to pick it up from where it was left off and may return in September 2019. But that's only past seasons' airing schedule-based information. An official statement from NBC is yet to be made.

Back to Kevin Pearson and his mysterious son, Justin Hartley played with the idea during a recent interview. According to TVLine.com, Justin Hartley tried to answer some question about his character in ''This Is Us.'' When asked about whether or not he knows the identity of his son's mother, he neither denied nor confirmed.

That particular interview did answer some questions though. It seems that the action of that future timeline is set 12 years in the future. Although he has escaped the age makeup so far, an aged version of Kevin Pearson is likely to be presented in Season 4.

During the same interview, Justin Hartley also spoke about the self-destructive nature of Kevin Pearson and how that may reflect on the character's evolution in ''This Is Us''.