The third season of ''This Is Us'' is about to have its final say as the season's finale is set to be aired two weeks from tomorrow. Once Season 3 will be done and dusted, assuming that the show will not be killed off, the official confirmation for Season 4 should occur.

With the recent buzz around the show growing, now that it's almost cap-time for the current season, that long-awaited news on Season 4 has the best possible climate to emerge and increase the media attention on ''This Is Us''.

''This Is Us'' most recent episodes were filled up with all sorts of emotions, twists, smoldering conflicts, unexpected outbursts.

At the same time, some hints regarding the show's possible path for the upcoming season were revealed.

Major characters' evolution in Season 4

Let's assume for a second that that news of ''This Is Us'' being renewed for a fourth season is already a locked in fact. As a starting point to the show's possible trajectory into Season 4, a particular piece of an article may come in handy. According to, ''This Is Us'' fourth season may take a temporal leap in order to exploit the ins and outs of the future timeline.

Some of the leads leaning into that future timeline were recently revealed.

Rebecca Pearson's mental health could swallow a significant chunk of the narrative in the seasons to come.

Apparently, Miguel is the one knowing about his wife's rapidly degrading mental health. Having their focus on Kate's pregnancy-related issues, the rest of the Pearson clan may have missed those sign of an early stage of dementia Rebecca seemed to have exhibited.

Rebecca Pearson's evolution as a character is a hotspot of the storyline, not at Jack Pearson's level but, still, somewhere in its vicinity.

Other hot topics may revolve around the newly reopened Kevin and Sophie chapter. As Zoe seems to take a step back, Kevin's wish for being a father might reintroduce Sophie in the narrative.

As far as the future timeline is concerned, the relationship between Randall and Beth may erode up to a point of no return.

Kate and Toby are facing new challenges as their prematurely born child matter have no many sides.

It's unclear how this child would impact their relationship.

A possible date for when Season 4 may premiere

When it comes to its airing pattern, these first three seasons have had a similar go. Usually, a new season started during the fall, it took a break for the winter holidays, and eventually returned with the remainder of the season in January.

Moreover, each of the first three seasons stretched out for a similar number of episodes, 18 to be precise.

Now, assuming that the NBC will finally make that renewal announcement, we may have a fresh ''This Is Us'' season kicking out the door after mid-September or early-October.

That estimation is made on the data available on IMDb. All seasons have had their premiere in the second part of September.