This Is Us” season 4 will start anew after series creator Dan Fogelman teases it will be a restart for everyone. One of the most-awaited storylines in the series is the life of Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and his wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson).

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Brown revealed what he wanted to see in his character in the new season. He also eyed to see more of Randall’s back story as a young lover of Beth.

Brown on Randall’s role in the new season

Brown revealed that he loved seeing young Randall (Niles Fitch) and young Beth’s (Rachel Hilson) dynamic on the small screens, so he is now looking forward to seeing more of them in “This Is Us” season 4.

As a fan of the young couple, he said he is now looking forward to seeing them more in college.

In the new season, Brown is also excited to see what awaits for Beth and Randall as they moved to Philadelphia in the previous season. As Randall’s identity is so connected to his blackness, it is a big opportunity for him to serve the black community as a councilman.

His new post will help him find himself after his feeling of separation from his fellow men. Just like other people, Sterling revealed he is also looking forward to what is coming next for Randall.

The restart of the Pearson family’s life

In a different interview with E! News, Fogelman revealed “This Is Us” season 4 would be “restarts for everybody and midpoints." He said the new season's concept would be very ambitious and sprawling when it comes to the way they play with time.

The show is now four seasons deep, so many characters are already in the middle of their stories. Fogelman disclosed it is the time when these people begin to open up to new things.

Fogelman teased the new season would be a “very exciting period” for almost everyone. However, it could also be a “very scary period” for some of them, depending on how “fraught their storylines are.”

New season’s premiere episode

Fogelman has already written “This Is Us” season 4 episode 1, and he revealed it would never return to the family gathering in the future.

"In order to start returning to that period, you first have to fill in some of the middle, and that's going to start happening in these next few years," he explained.

NBC renewed the show for three seasons, so fans could be assured they would see the Pearson family until season 6. So, it might be the “next few years” Fogelman was talking about.

He added viewers would be given a refresher of what they already have seen.

Fogelman continued to hint they would try to be “equally ambitious” when it comes to the stuff they would cover for the new season. As the lives of the characters are about to start, it would somehow feel like they would return to the first season in the middle of the series.

“This Is Us” season 4 is set to be out in the fall on NBC.