''This Is Us'' Season 3 finale is set to be aired on April 2, and with just three episodes left, the current season is far from reaching its conclusions. The tension has risen as the Pearson family had to battle their way through Kate's pregnancy complications and all the heat that brewed up to its boiling point in that hospital waiting room.

As if that wasn't enough, Kevin Pearson's relapse and its ramifications are finding its way to the surface. The upcoming episode may follow his narrative thread as a former ''This Is Us'' character is about to make a return.

According to The Inquisitr, Kevin's girlfriend from high school and estranged ex-wife can be seen popping up in the trailer. It's an interesting decision to see Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge)

Kevin and Sophie have a long history together

Kevin and Zoe's paths may go well back in time, but that may represent only a fraction of the reason ''This Is Us'' creators are bringing Sophie back.

As far as the narrative goes, the upcoming episode's teaser captures a small yet insightful discussion. Apparently, Zoe isn't that fond of the idea of having kids. She does seem to care about Kevin which is the reason she doesn't want to stay in his way of being a father at some point in the future.

And, with that in mind, Sophie's return doesn't seem that strange.

Episode 16 promo 'Don't Take My Sunshine Away' shows some scenes of what must have been a very intense break-up sit down talk between Kevin and Zoe. Seconds after, Kevin is pictured showing at Sophie's front door. Cliche or not, she appears holding an umbrella to protect herself from the heavy rain pouring down from the skies.

Kevin Pearson's relapse brought him back to square one. Is Sophie what he really needs to start over? Well, that's an interesting question. Last time Kevin felt victim to stubbornness and addiction, his second relationship with Sophie was done.

Sophie may be a better match for Kevin

Zoe and Sophie are two distinct characters.

They're nothing alike, and their only common ground is Kevin and the feelings they may have for him.

Kevin may pose as the successful Hollywood-actor-type-guy, but at a deeper level, he puts himself on a low position. but he bears the genes of his father Jack, and him wanting kids hints to some of his life's ultimate goals.

As an independent strong self, Zoe has made herself a career as a documentarian. That doesn't strike her as the mother-type woman. And she points it out pretty clear so that Kevin could fully understand it.

On the other side, Sophie may be placed in the vicinity of motherhood without fear of being wrong. She's been working as a nurse in New York for years. Ultimately, her career choice made her human connection skills and ability to provide care part of her day-to-day life.

Therefore, it's easier to picture Kevin going back into Sophie's arms. Zoe is not interested in procreation and having a rather traditional family. And, of course, maybe the proverbial third time's a charm would eventually apply for Kevin and Sophie.