''This Is Us'' fans in general, and Jack Pearson's fans, in particular, may see their disappointment level growing when a new season arrives.

'''This Is Us'' is headed for an interesting season's finale as the third one is two episodes away from delivering its final play. Launched back in the fall of 2016, the show quickly became a leading show of its genre. As the whole Pearson' saga unfolded before our eyes, some of the show's characters erected themselves as the gravity poles of the narrative.

Jack Pearson, by far the most scrutinized characters of all, had a central role during the first two seasons.

As the current season started exploring some new directions, Jack Pearson's character received less and less attention. And, according to an article on popsugar.co.uk, the current trend is set to get more traction.

Jack Pearson character doesn't fit in the future timeline

As far as the narrative is concerned, ''This Is Us'' is sitting at the crossroads. With all those future timeline glimpses still lurking in the back of the mind, it seems that the next big thing in terms of the storyline is set to revolve around Rebecca Pearson and what appears to be an onset of dementia.

According to cheatsheet.com, Rebecca's mental health is expected to deteriorate. Standing in that hospital waiting room for hours, exposed Rebecca's mental fragility.

And that emotional outburst she had may also signal that she's no longer in full control of her mental capacity.

All these things being said, it becomes obvious that there's plenty of room to fit in two major character storylines. Back to Jack Pearson, his only way back into the narrative is to increase the frequency of flashbacks and the character's own digressions deep into the past.

Don't expect Jack Pearson to be totally killed off

Whether or not his future presence in ''This Is Us'' increases or goes into the opposite direction, Jack Pearson remains the character the entire narrative block was built on. Therefore, the rest of the characters see Jack Pearson's influence going over time and space to either dictate, control, or influence their thinking process and behavior.

Assuming that those flashbacks with Jack become rarer, that would only increase their inherent value. But Jack Pearson's overall influence is expected to decrease over time, especially on the new generation of Pearsons. Beth and Randall's kids, Deja, Kate and Toby's Jack may not even exhibit signs of their grandfather's influence over their lives. After all, all life's significant things tend to dilute over time.