''This Is Us'' returned last night to put a stop to an entire fortnight of theories and assumptions. Episode 14 'The Graduates' invariably revolved around those dark months the Pearsons had to find a way to get through following Jack's death. Graduating from high school ended a chapter for the Big Three (Kate, Kevin, and Randall) while opening a brand new one.

According to tvinsider.com, the special bond between Kate and Kevin was also portrayed several times during the episodes. Even the young Randall admitted to that at that party.

Rebecca Pearson had her part too as life without Jake seems to squeeze every ounce of joy and energy she may have.

Although the graduation was a central point of the episode, all it did was to serve out a solid context for the present narrative thread. And the tension has been building up pretty fast during this episode. Kevin and his drinking problem forced Kate to step in and put herself and her unborn child in jeopardy.

Kate Pearson sounded premonitory with a new promo available

In one of the final scenes of the episode, Kate is pictured in a hospital bed with Kevin sitting next to her. Alerted by his mother, Randall dropped his extremely important talk with Beth to fly in as quickly as possible. Now that the Big Three are reunited once again, Kate shared her deepest wish which is her baby to be born.

While she doesn't mention that she's willing to sacrifice her own life along the process, that fact can be deducted.

To take the premonition to a new level, the upcoming episode's promo seems to lean into this direction too. The whole Pearson clan has now gathered in the waiting room while further medical complications forced Kate into surgery.

Episode 15 'The waiting room' has its promo ending with Toby about to share some news he may have previously received from the medical team.

The promo ends before any word comes out but, given his facial expression, some might tell that those aren't going to be good news.

Kevin Pearson may have to carry a new burden

Some may remember that that future timeline presented a while ago showed no sign of Kevin Pearson whatsoever. Therefore, is possible that along the way he and his siblings go for separate paths.

This moment with Kate's life being in danger could be the trigger to the split. If something wrong is to happen with either Kate or her child, Kevin would take a huge hit mentally. After all, his drinking issue caused Kate's intervention which forced her to take in an unnecessary stress load.