''This Is Us'' has been forcing its audience to walk through tons of uncertainties lately, especially with the current airing schedule. The third season is about to deliver Episode 14, although it would be only the fifth since the show returned back in January.

With that in mind, the strange state of restlessness is quite understandable. But, there's also a bright side to the matter. According to the airing schedule available on IMDb, from this point on, the show will check-in with another fresh episode each Tuesday until April 2 when the third season's finale is to happen.

That could only mean five consecutive Tuesdays with ''This Is Us'' specific drama attached.

Episode 14 has a worrying teaser

The upcoming episode's name 'The Graduates' doesn't seem consistent with the teaser's actual content. What really caught the eye in those twenty seconds or so was Kevin Pearson's relapse and his struggle with the drinking problem.

Another coordinate of the teaser seems to be focused on the difficulties of Kate's pregnancy. Kate trying to overcome her physical challenges for the sake of being a mother is a sensitive chapter of the ''This Is Us'' story. That side of the narrative is likely to get more traction in the episodes to come.

With all this drama happening at once, a third emotional facet gets some attention.

When Jack died, he was survived by his wife Rebecca and three teenagers about to get out to college. That narrative thread could be the reason why the upcoming episode's name is 'The Graduates'.

But the teaser hinted on something different which is Rebecca trying to cope with a lot of issues all alone.

The teaser left Beth and Randall story on the sideline, at least for the moment.

At least we got to know the full story of Beth in the previous episodes.

Kevin's addiction and Kate's pregnancy

As the third season's finale looms at the horizon, the upcoming few episodes have some tense spots to focus on. His latest relapse puts Kevin in a grey zone. For a while, he seemed to have learned how to handle life's issues without trying to seek refuge in drinking or doing drugs.

The rather unpleasant result of his Vietnam investigation left him drained and vulnerable to all those demons from the past.

Kate's efforts to give birth to a child has been a central part of the story. In the end, all of her efforts and sacrifices might not be enough. The picture of Kate being rushed into a hospital could be one of the powder kegs of this season's final play.

It's early to figure out a possible way of ending the season but Kevin's issues and Kate's current medical state may be sitting right at the center.