''This Is Us'' is unfolding the second part of its third season, and the emotional toll cannot be put off. In what was a stunning plot twist, Kevin Pearson's investigation into his father's past led him to a shocking outcome. Nicky being alive changes the narrative as Jack's mysterious past gets another scrutiny.

Rebecca's reaction to the news was interesting as she mentioned the fact that she's no longer to bear memories of the young Jack Pearson. Her short talk with Nicky was filled with intense emotions as they're both aware of the shared link between them.

But not all were as serene as Rebecca was. Although he appeared to have it all under control, Kevin's demons are lurking back onto the light.

Kevin broke his sober status

While standing alone in Nicky's trailer, Kevin's eyes were trapped by the picture of a tempting and already opened whiskey bottle. And that may have been the start of another cloudy time for the unstable Hollywood sensation.

While in the car with his mother on their back home, Kevin seemed transformed. Probably focused on the wheel and the traffic ahead, Rebecca failed to notice the huge change of her son. For a split second, it seemed like Kevin might come clean and confess but he decided not to. A bad choice some might add.

The alcohol started maneuvering him once more.

Episode 13 chose to go on a separate narrative thread as Beth's backstory was finally revealed to us. Regarding Kevin's current state of affairs, the promo for the Episode 14 had something to offer.

Those few seconds were enough to figure out that he's struggling with alcohol again.

Other substances may have been included in the dangerous mix as well. Episode 14's official promo is available below.

When we get to know more about Kevin Pearson

As far as the excitement level is concerned, some might want to taper it down a bit. The show took another two-week break. According to IMDb, ''This Is Us'' returns March 5 with Episode 14 ''The Graduates''.

Some interesting images are included in that short promo. What's interesting is how his sister Kate is the first one to notice the change in Kevin's behavior. Ironically or not, she's the one who ends up in the ER for reasons yet to be uncovered.

If there's anything that comes near to a soft spot, in Kevin Pearson's case, all that is connected with the memory of his father tend to send shockwaves through his system. Let's see if he'll be able to navigate these troubled waters once again, and, perhaps more importantly, let's see if his girlfriend Zoe can keep up with the intensity. Last time Kevin went off the road, it cost him his relationship with Sophie.