The fall season of ''This Is Us'' may be done and dusted but the ripples Episode 9 created are far from fading away. A jam-packed finale left the audience hanging by a thread. Jack's brother seems to have survived the War in Vietnam as uncovered by Kevin, Randall and Beth are drifting apart rapidly, Rebecca is that mysterious 'her' character, and Toby sits all alone with no trace of Kate or a child whatsoever.

According to IMDb, the series returns Tuesday, January 15.

The Episode 10 promo put a great amount of gas on an already burning fire. Rebecca and Kate have been an interesting duo of the series as they both shared the passion for singing although their direct relationship throughout the years had more downs than ups.

Toby is alone in the future timeline

Regarding Toby and Kate matter, the present timeline of ''This Is Us'' stops with happy news for the couple. The pregnancy seems to go well and, moreover, the gender of the baby is revealed via a blue cake.

Therefore, it seems a huge leap from that point to the future when Toby sits by himself with no trace of Kate or their child. The wedding ring is also missing from the picture, a fact that also leads to further speculations.

A while ago, Chrissy Metz (Kate) warned us that Kate and Toby are about to bump into an unusual parenting situation. The true meaning of that statement is yet to be untangled.

What is odd regarding the whole matter, is that Randall called Toby about visiting Rebecca in the first place.

Once again, there is no mention of Kate or a child whatsoever.

Rebecca dying is the perfect finale

All the facts lead to the irrefutable conclusion that the entire Pearson clan is going to visit Rebecca. The future timeline seems to take place more than ten years since the present course. Tess has become an adult woman while Randall put on some aging features with all that gray stuff on his beard and hair.

Beth seems to have aged quite well, and what's even more interesting, is that her future job has nothing in common with what she used to do for a living.

Going to Rebecca and how important this character has been for the show, that glimpse into the future might be the terminus point for the narrative.

It's perfectly safe to assume that Rebecca is heading to inevitable death.

Her second husband Miguel is also missing from the picture, and, again, it's safe to take a leap of faith and assume that he is also dead.

Although heartbreaking, Rebecca dying at the end of Season 3 would be perfect to put the cap on the future timeline.