''This Is Us'' fans received the long-awaited news of its renewal. According to screenrant.com, the NBC-based show received a massive three-season renewal. The official confirmation for the fourth season and beyond was standing in limbo since the show's third season's finale aired.

For the die-hard fans of the show, knowing that the Pearsons' saga is set to sail on for three more seasons is excellent news. With a stuffy narrative that has been growing constantly over the past three seasons, ''This Is Us'' was in need of more room to expand. And now it got that long-awaited renewal.

The show is expected to return in late September of 2019, as its past three seasons followed a similar airing pattern.

Three more seasons should offer plenty of space

As things stand at the moment, it seems like we're halfway through with the ''This Is Us'' adventure. The Pearson clan is far from being labeled as a solved-puzzle but we've already started to put huge pieces of the maze together.

The first three seasons mostly revolved around learning all the intricacies of Jack Pearson's past. We went through various stages of Jack's life, we watched him settle down and getting married to Rebecca. Later on, we saw him becoming an exceptional father and husband able to keep his flaws in check.

As the Season 3 finale got closer, the winds of change started to blow.

And the point of interest changed too with Rebecca Pearson becoming a pivotal point of the narrative. As we already know, the upcoming fourth season will dig up more on Rebecca's life, especially the chapter prior to her collision with Jack Pearson.

Getting to know the whole Rebecca Pearson story may require a similar stretch as that which was needed in Jack Pearson's case.

And, of course, there'll be other side stories that will spice the narrative up along the way.

On the other side, knowing the exact terminus point could shrink the unpredictability factor. But that's a two-edged strategy ''This Is Us'' creators have already decided to go on with.

Mandy Moore excited about Season 4

While fans have a whole summer to think about the upcoming season, some ''This Is Us'' cast members are already seeing their excitement levels going through the roof.

Mandy Moore (she plays Rebecca Pearson in the show) spoke with eonline.com about her expectations regarding Season 4.

Moore said that she's curious how the character she's spectacularly been playing so far will develop moving forward. Moreover, she expressed a certain degree of curiosity about the whole Miguel and Rebecca chapter and how that 2008 reconnection unfolded.

That particular observation hints that Moore hasn't got her hands on the upcoming season's script. And, that kind of mystery tends to make things even more interesting.