''This Is Us'' is living on high horses, especially after the recent news of its renewal for three more seasons. With first three seasons already done and dusted, the NBC-based show is basically halfway through its existence on the screens.

And, the third season's finale already hinted on some changes the narrative might undergo next. Jack Pearson's character was a pivotal part of the storyline since the show started back in 2016, but his wife Rebecca Pearson is expected to receive more scrutiny in the seasons to come.

A while ago, Milo Ventimiglia- the one who did a brilliant job embodying Jack Pearson's character, spoke about the rise, shine, and, naturally, fall of his character in ''This Is Us.'' He seemed to have accepted the possibility of a change, especially since another paternal figure is expected to step in.

Rebecca Pearson's father is in for playing a significant role in the storyline next.

Jack Pearson's character was thoroughly scrutinized

Jack Pearson was an intriguing character since day one of the show. One episode after another the secrets and holes in his backstory started to pile up. The image of the perfect husband and father started to suffer changes as more facts emerged.

We went from admiring the picture of a perfect man to that of some traumatized, recovering-alcoholic and insecure man who's been trying to keep it together for the sake and with the help of his wife and his children.

Jack Pearson was offered a rather tragic destiny as he died out of a hard attack.

With the show seeming to have accepted that and moving on, Milo Ventimiglia will see his role decreasing.

The other week, Ventimiglia spoke with people.com publication and he offered some precious insight.

Ventimiglia pleased about how 'This Is Us' will end

Coming from a ''This Is Us'' major character, the insight on how the show will end gains even more value.

According to people.com, Milo Ventimiglia said that he knows how the show's final pieces will fall.

He added that the show's finale would please the audience.

Ventimiglia also spoke about the changes will be subjected to in the seasons to come. If we're to believe his words, 'This Is Us' will transform into a different kind of breed by the time it'll reach its finale.

Awaiting Season 4 to see the changes unfolding

According to its official IMDb profile, ''This Is Us'' is expected to return in the fall of 2019, basically following an airing pattern similar to that from the previous seasons.

Now, another question might gain traction in this new climate of radical change. If Jack Pearson's character is set to take a step back, the show's own long-term survival may come under scrutiny.

Would Rebecca Pearson's character or her father's addition compensate for the pivotal part of Jack Pearson's story?

That a hard bet to make, but the show's creators seem willing to do it anyway.