''This Is Us'' season 4 is having its sketch enriched with each day that passed by. Although an official confirmation for the fourth season is still pending, the pieces of the puzzle keep falling into their slots as new information emerges.

According to an Entertainment Weekly article, Rebecca Pearson's father is set to be inserted into the great scheme of things, as the ever-growing Pearsons web is set to take the narrative into a different direction. According to the show's creator Dan Fogelman, adding Rebecca's father into the mix won't be just a simple filler, as this character is to be given a significant role as far as the overall storyline goes.

Dan Fogelman suggested the show will return next year

As the show decided to celebrate its fast-approaching Season 3 finale, more ''This Is Us'' burning topics came under scrutiny. The same article published on Entertainment Week offers some interesting updates regarding the date when Season 4 could premiere.

Dan Fogelman also spoke about the show's future ambition and that ever-expanding-type feature it has already acquired. They won't return this fall as most of the viewers expected. Fogelman cited the complexity of the storytelling way as part of the potential delay. Even so, it's good to have this kind of insight from a person really close to the show.

Now, if ''This Is Us'' is to return with Season 4 in 2020, that just means that we're having the upcoming two episodes only to enjoy for this year.

Rebecca Pearson's father cements the patriarchal feature

Back to the news of Rebecca Pearson's father being given a potentially prominent role in Season 4, that could indicate the whole patriarchal foundation ''This Is Us'' was built is set to receive some sort of reinforcement.

While Jack Pearson's character may be fading away, a new paternal figure seems to arise in order to tip the scales.

What still remains in the clouds is how this new character would fit into the puzzle, and, perhaps even more important, which timeline would help us uncover the intricacies of the new figure.

With the third season's finale in sight, the timing for this kind of information to surface is perfect. According to IMDb, we're two steps away from putting the cap on another ''This Is Us'' season.

The Pearson clan has been dealing with numerous variables lately and with the perspective of at least another season in sight, the possibilities as far as the storyline goes are limitless, and so should be the enthusiasm of those watching the show.