In ''This Is Us'' universe, Jack Pearson was assigned a central role from the very beginning. As the narrative kept on progressing, some defining moments from Jack's life were delivered as gravitational poles of the storyline as a whole.

Jack Pearson is a complicated character, with an even more complicated past. Having to deal with an abusive father and with the traumatic experience of going to war in Vietnam in order to look out after his brother Nicky, Jack's life took a spectacular turn when he met his future wife, Rebecca.

Perhaps one of the most dramatic parts from Jack's journey was going through the moments that led to his premature and sudden death.

Season 2's finale uncovered that mystery too. A week ago, Season 3's finale somehow completed the circle with Rebecca Pearson on her deathbed.

Less focus on Jack Pearson's character

As Dan Fogelman previously stated, the upcoming Season 4 will change its focus when it comes to major characters. ''This Is Us'' is preparing for another deep dive into the past as Rebecca Pearson's father will get his own time in the spotlight.

With another paternal figure in the mix, Jack Pearson may lose that front seat. But, of course, this state of things may change after Season 4. And that's the beauty of ''This Is Us''. Since there's no linear unidirectional timeline, it's hard to anticipate which direction the show could take at a certain point.

And, to be honest, those unexpected digressions and flashbacks are the bread and butter of ''This Is Us''. According to, Jack and Rebecca will always preserve their key role in the narrative, but now that we've learned almost everything about Jack's life, maybe it's time to put the eyeglass on a different character.

Other characters may have their chance to shine

Judging by the previous seasons, Season 4 of ''This Is Us'' could return as early as September 2019. In the meantime, it would be great to start thinking about which character will get the front seat next. According to, there's no fixed margin on the matter. Of course, we'll have Rebecca's father as a major addition, but some already well-established characters may see their on-screen time increasing.

During that short future flash, we met Kevin's son for the very first time. With all that lavish history of Kevin's character, getting his future self better won't be such a bad choice. Another direction the show hasn't fully explored is Kate and Toby and their journey. The future timeline shows their son Jack has survived those critical early weeks. But, Toby is there all alone in the future, with no sign of Kate whatsoever.

In the meantime, Randall and Beth found a way to save their ailing marriage. And that glimpse into the future indicates they've been doing just fine. Still, with three girls to raise and complicated jobs, their life must have been interesting. Therefore, it would nice to follow the whole process closely.