''This Is Us'' took another Tuesday off out of its regular airing schedule setting its return date for Tuesday, March 5. Episode 14 'The Graduates,' had a teaser already out for a while now, but given the narrative's pattern, it's unclear which thread the episode will be focusing on next.

As the third season unfolds, some people may forget that the season's finale is not that far away. With just five episodes left, the story has reached a point where some certainties would be more than welcome. And, one of those would be knowing if Season 4 is a locked deal or not.

At this point, there's no official confirmation for Season 4.

Season 3 finale looks a terminus point

A while ago, the show's creator, Dan Fogelman bragged about having material to run ''This Is Us'' for eight seasons. But that statement hasn't been backed up with an official announcement regarding the show's future. At this point, according to IMDb, all we know for sure is the third season's finale is set for April 2.

On the other hand, given the show's airing pattern, in the event of renewal, Season 4 could have its premiere during the fall. Therefore, there's plenty of time left for such an announcement to emerge.

Episode 14 'The Graduates' has an interesting teaser

''This Is Us'' universe has been throwing the audience back and forth in a titanic effort to make fans understand the whole picture.

Those backstories proved to be instrumental for that purpose. The most recent backstory was that of Beth Pearson.

The upcoming episode's teaser focuses on several burning issues. Kevin Pearson seems to have slipped into the abyss of drinking and addiction once again. On another dimension, there seems to be a medical issue with Kate, probably pregnancy-related, as she's portrayed being rushed into an emergency room.

Another interesting topic we haven't gotten the chance to look into is Rebecca Pearson's life after Jack died. The teaser offers a short glimpse into what seems to be a real struggle for Rebecca.

'This Is Us' and the current state of affairs

As Episode 13 ended, the audience finally learned Beth's full backstory. Her tense relationship with her mother, the memory of her late father, all those ballet-related dreams, and her first ever encounter with Randall were pictured perfectly.

Decades after she shifted her priorities, Beth Pearson seems eager to resume her ballet dream. Only this time, she wants to teach rather than perform.

Last time we left him, Kevin was utterly disappointed with the outcome of his Vietnam investigation. The whole Nicky chapter seems to have ended in a sour note and Kevin started drinking again.

Kate and Toby are riding the pregnancy quest together, but the future seems to have some dark twists for them as the upcoming episode's teaser pointed out.