''This Is Us'' has wrapped up its third season in an easily digestible bit with the overall compelling finale focused on what the future holds for the Pearson clan. As the Season 3 reached its end, other characters might be taking a step back, including some of the show's most influential names.

Milo Ventimiglia has been having a blast playing the Jack Pearson's character, an overly-dedicated husband, father, and friend whose tragic death was revealed in Season 2. But Jack Pearson's story turned out to be more complex than that. Season 3 turned every single rock upside down in an attempt to disclose the character's whole picture.

And, to some extent, that was properly wrapped up too, and it now seems the proper time to move on.

Milo Ventimiglia does the normal thing

Regardless of how big of a role an actor may have had in a TV series, there comes a time when their ways will inevitably split. And, although Jack Pearson's character may be taking a step back, he will still be playing a crucial part in the overall narrative.

Now, if his on-screen presence is to be diminished, Milo Ventimiglia's intention to pursue further ventures is what any other actor in his shoes would do. At the end of the day, he's an actor and acting is what puts food on the table for him.

According to popsugar.com, Ventimiglia is aware things are changing when it comes to his part on ''This Is Us''.

Moreover, the show's creator, Dan Fogelman also said that Jack Pearson's mystery is pretty much over after Season 3.

Jack Pearson's presence may start fading away, but another strong paternal figure is set to emerge. The upcoming season will give us the chance to learn more about Rebecca Pearson's father, an angle of the story many would find quite appealing.

It makes sense to reduce Jack Pearson's presence

''This Is Us'' Season 3 finale opened the door for another chapter. The extended flash into the future signaled the intention to exploit that part of the Pearsons a lot more.

And we all know that Jack Pearson died and his only presence in the future timeline was during that intriguing flashforward picturing Kate's wedding.

As it turned out, that flashforward picturing an aged Jack occurred in Kate's dream.

Less about Jack Pearson, more about the Big Three

Jack Pearson's character had its pinnacle while the Big Three (Kate, Kevin, and Randall), were kids. As the third season's finale hinted, the upcoming season may have the so-called Big Three at its core. Interesting things are happening in their lives and their families. In the future, Kevin has a son and a lot of mystery revolves around this particular matter.

Randall and Beth are still together but their short family presentation during that flashforward shows no sign of Annie or Deja. And, of course, there's Kate and Toby and the mysteries revolving around their family.

While everyone's curiosity might revolve around Jack Junior, Kate and Toby as a couple is an interesting topic too.

And there's also the matter of Rebecca's father getting a central part in the storyline. As one can notice, the plate is full, even with Jack Pearson taking a step back.