''This Is Us'' Season 3 finale dropped some significant twists into the mix. As Episode 18 'Her' started to unfold, things finally fell into their places. As the emotions kept on piling up during the episode, there was room for some joy too. Randall and Beth were able to find the proverbial hidden door. Kate and Rebecca finally cleared the tension between them while Kevin's dream of having a family with Zoe quickly fell apart despite some optimistic premises at first.

But, the truly heartbreaking moments happened in the final scenes as we finally got to learn more details regarding that future timeline ''This Is Us'' had been teasing us with.

The whole Pearson clan has gathered at Kevin's new place where Rebecca Pearson seems to take her last breath.

Rebecca Pearson dying is one of the most intense scenes

As far as the visual shock stands, having Rebecca Pearson laying down on her death-bed is a powerful and intense scene. The producers did an excellent job by setting up some sort of symmetry and resemblance between that particular scene and the whole Rebecca Pearson car crash episode. And, to have it all delivered through an aged Randall's eyes increased the dramatic effect. To add some extra spice in, Nicky Pearson was brought in too, to amplify an already breathtaking scene.

What's more important, is that the viewers got to finally learn the identity of that 'Her' mysterious character.

In the end, there was no shocking twist as Rebecca Pearson was the character of choice most of the audience agreed upon a while ago. But, sometimes, it's good to find some closure. On this matter, according to vanityfair.com, some extra make-up was needed in order to create an even older version of Rebecca.

Rebecca Pearson's terminal ill

The future version of Rebecca Pearson sits almost lifeless on that bed. But, although she seems to have started her final journey, there's still no indication of the actual illness. When he stepped in her room, Randall somehow felt it necessary to repeat who he is to the person laying down in that bed.

From that alone, we can presume Rebecca's Alzheimer is still on the table. But that might not be the only thing causing Rebecca's health to go downhill.

According to tvline.com, Rebecca Pearson seemed a bit off when Randall entered the room. Age could be the main reason or maybe she was under some sort of palliative medication. And, perhaps the twist no one saw it coming was Miguel not being around. Instead, we got Nicky standing at her bedside.

Season 3 finale wrapped another chapter of this saga with perhaps more to come. As the show's creator Dan Fogelman said, ''This Is Us'' seems to have reached a midpoint.