''This Is Us'' might be in a dormant stage right now as the mid-season break is on, but the series is expected to return on January 15 when Episode 10 is set to be aired.

The fall season finale was a tough cookie to swallow, especially those final minutes when multiple twists and turns if the narrative cascaded onto the audience. With so many things on the table, to sort through all the facts and possible scenarios is no easy job to do.

''This Is Us'' creators made an interesting bet by changing some of the locations. Trading the comfortable suburban environment with some Vietnam-based locations was a big move.

As it turned out, that change of scenery led to the biggest twist ''This Is Us'' has ever delivered.

Kevin wrapped his adventure in Vietnam with a bang

Started as an unexpected trip to Vietnam, the whole Jack-being-in-Vietnam investigation helped Kevin get closer to his current girlfriend Zoe.

Their time in Vietnam may have started on a wrong foot given the food-poisoning incident Zoe was the victim of, but, in the end, things smoothy settled. Moreover, Kevin's persistence led to a huge discovery. Jack's brother Nicky made it out alive from the War in Vietnam.

As the final scenes of Episode 9 shows, a guy wearing glasses who lives in a trailer picks up a stack of mail addressed to a certain Nicholas Pearson currently based in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

At this point, it's unclear what this discovery means for the future of the show. All that we know is that for the last four decades or so, Nicky has been alive, and possibly, unaware that his brother made his way back home too.

Kevin is not among those who visit Rebecca in the future

As far as the future timeline unfolds, Kevin Pearson is nowhere to be found in that flash forward design.

HIs current girlfriend Zoe is missing too. Kate is also missing from that bit which is quite odd given the fact that Toby is present there.

At this point, it's unclear why Kevin hasn't been included in that flash forward scene. It appears to be an important one, and not having Kevin in it, could indicate that somehow, along the way, a rupture occurred between him and his family.

Let's assume for a second that once he returns to the United States, Kevin will somehow track his uncle Nicky down. Would that change the dynamic between Kevin and the rest of his family? Would his efforts be appreciated or not?

it's going to be interesting to see which way those in charge with ''This Is Us'' narrative would follow next.