''This Is Us'' may be approaching its third season finale but the overall puzzle's pieces are still refusing to settle for a particular slot. Episode 15 'The Waiting Room' was one of the densest of the series as simultaneous acts, topics, characters, and situations found their convergence dot in a small hospital waiting room. At times, the whole scenery had purgatory-like features.

As Kate Pearson's medical status was unclear so was the direction the episode would go. It was a cluster of tense moments as the whole Pearson family had gathered in support for Kate and Toby.

As these two were isolated for their siblings, the latter launched into solving their current issues while trying to get updates on the medical situation they're there for in the first place.

Kevin and Zoe are falling apart as a couple

Kate Pearson's medical situation forced Kevin to admit that he started drinking again. Kevin's relapse is a real blow for the already-complicated character as his girlfriend Zoe got to learn the terrible news from a third party.

Having a moment with her cousin Beth, Zoe seemed like she was willing to stay and trying to help Kevin sort through his life issues. But that was prior to her taking a sip out of Kevin's bottle of water. As it turned out, it was vodka in there, an act that may have shattered all traces of trust between Zoe and Kevin.

The curious detail is that after she drank from what she had thought it was a bottle of water, Zoe put on a rather shocked expression, and she seemed ready to confront Kevin. But the same Kevin was coming back with the news that the doctor had entered into emergency surgery. The update defused the whole thing as the focus changed back to Kate.

According to bustle.com, Zoe's level of disappointment was over the roof, and it's fair to assume that she and Kevin are done being together.

Miguel's relocation idea blindsides Randall and Beth

Another tense story has been gathering traction recently as Randall and Beth are having issues with their financial planning, work priorities, and overall family life ever since Randall decided to enter the race for a public office.

As Randall and Zoe were trying to solve some of the issues in-between them, an apparently brilliant idea popped up out of Randall's mind. He invites both Rebecca and Miguel to step in and help him and Beth with their three children. He further backed his suggestion by playing the card of the significantly increased amount of time Rebecca would be spending with her grandkids.

That's when Miguel steps in and somehow blindsided Randall. He says that he and Rebecca were already considering relocation to California in order to be closer to Kate and her, at that time, yet to be born son.

Rebecca's odd observations led to an emotional outburst

As the tension was visibly mounting up to a dangerous level, Rebecca Pearson somehow kept herself isolated from the general noise.

From time to time she would break her silence only to notice the oddest things in that waiting room. First, it was the electrical outputs and their design, then the numbers of chairs, then the pieces of illustration on the chairs.

According to ew.com, none of them seemed to make any sense as some may even have questioned her mental sanity. It all took a different turn when the bubble finally burst, and Rebecca spoke about the similarities between them standing there waiting for news about Kate and that heartbreaking night she had had at a hospital the night Jack Pearson died.

Even though the outburst may justify those previous odd remarks, Rebecca Pearson's mental health may still be a central part of this season's finale.