''This Is Us'' has gained itself a reputation as one of the few shows that keeps the viewer in close proximity to a generous box of tissues. A special kind of TV series drama, ''This Is Us'' shaped some interesting characters. Still, the individualities are best defined when put in a pair, a complementary type of relation that often creates the best view of a character.

''This Is Us'' has partially become a hit for its unique types of couples as some interesting love relationships navigate through various twists and turns.

A couple of weeks ago, the fall season finale left the viewers tightened on their couches as a major twist occurred and a future timeline flash created even more confusion.

All the current couples erased from the future timeline

From all that we know, the future may not be that bright for the Pearsons. When it comes to the current couples in the show, the future timeline could indicate a dramatic shift. Four couples co-exist in the present timeline of the show. We have Rebecca and Miguel, Randall and Beth, Toby and Kate, Kevin and Zoe.

Odd or not, that fast-forward flash brings no sign as to whether or not these couples made it in the long run. All that that short glimpse into the future indicates is that Randall and Beth are not that close. And there's Toby who seems to be left alone with no trace of Kate or the child they are about to have in the present.

As far as the other two couples are concerned, Kevin and Zoe aren't part of the presentation while Rebecca seems to no longer have Miguel around.

In fact, Kevin and Zoe are the only current couple that is not mentioned whatsoever in the future timeline.

It's strange to not see at least a single trace of those loving couples ''This Is Us'' won't stop throwing at us every Tuesday.

The show returns on January 15

Regarding the show's near future, according to IMDb, the second chunk of the third season is set to resume January 15.

Jack's brother being alive is the top revelation ''This Is Us'' has ever produced. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the creators handle the current level of expectations.

Episode 10 promo is available but it's more like a short teaser based on the little of information it gives away. As far as the current couples stand, it seems that the future has plenty of challenges for each and every one of them. But that's how the ''This Is Us'' success recipe goes; now you're in the seventh cloud filled with joy, the next minute you'll find yourself diving into a sea of tears and disappointment.