''This Is Us'' is set to return on Tuesday with Episode 15 'The Waiting Room' as Kate's life is hanging by a thread with all the pregnancy complications that have occurred lately. Kevin's mental state is also at risk as the drinking issue has taken control again.

Yet, those aren't the only hot potatoes fans will have to deal with over the upcoming weeks leading to the third season's finale scheduled for April 2. According to bustle.com, The marriage of Randall and Beth has just reached another flexing point as the show's creators introduced a new element into the puzzle.

Randall's decision to get involved in the political environment had already tested him and Beth. In the meantime, Beth seemed to have found a new meaning in life as a ballet teacher.

Randall plays the family card trying to shut Beth's dream off

There's no way one can miss the level of excitement flowing through Beth's eyes as she arrived home. Eager to share her first day as a ballet teacher she's blindsided by Randall and his somewhat overly-cautious, hyper-analytical personality and word choice.

At first, he pitched the idea of having a nanny around their kids. The public office job he's about to start would swallow a large portion of his day. But Beth's newly found job seems to be bothering him quite much.

The whole nanny idea is retracted by Randall who argues his point using both the financial argument and the idea of having a stranger around their kids.

At some level, Randall Pearson's plea can be framed as an emotional blackmail case. Being caught with her guard down, Beth's only response synthesizes the general idea - Randall gets to follow his dream while Beth has to quit on hers.

The future of Beth and Randall couple is unclear

A while ago, when that future timeline was revealed, there were some signs that Randall and Beth's path went apart. Those future scenes showed Beth actually teaching ballet which means she never let go of her dreams. On the other side, an aged Randall seems to have a close relationship with his daughter Tess.

All that is happening as they all are preparing to visit Randall's mother. We can assume it's Rebecca Pearson Beth is talking about and not Randall's biological mother. At this point, the fate of Randall and Beth's marriage is yet to be determined although the pieces of information available hint that their relationship may reach a terminus point.

It will also be interesting to see whether or not some of their siblings will step in trying to provide them with guidance in an attempt to help them save their marriage.