''This Is Us'' did it again as the fall season finale ended in a spectacular cliffhanger. Jack's brother seems to be alive after all those years of absence. Moreover, a future timeline shows a cruel scene as the Pearson clan is preparing to pay a visit to Rebecca, that mysterious 'her'.

On a different sideline, Kate seems to have vanished out of Toby's life, and there are rumors that she may not have survived the pregnancy. And, of course, there's that sweet couple Randall and Beth that is drifting apart, at least at first sight as we are yet to learn the whole intricacies of their struggle.

Randall and Beth's characters collide

Two smart individuals, Randall and Beth, went through a lot recently. To be fair, Beth (Susan Kelechi) was the one who had to endure multiple changes in their life as a couple.

It was Randall (Sterling K. Brown) who kicked off the hornet's nest when, unilaterally, he decided to track down William, his biological father. Bringing William into his family's life changed everything.

But that wasn't the trigger for Beth's unhappiness. Randall's idealistic view of the world drove him into some complicated terrains as he further made questionable choices. He bought a building at a time when his family's finances were not in the greatest shape.

According to oprahmag.com, the cup wasn't full until Randall broke his own words.

When asked to drop off the campaign, Randall made no concession.

A strong self, Beth saw that as a breach of trust, and it may be a point of no return for their relationship. That future timeline doesn't look well at all.

The divorce seems cruel but necessary

Although that future timeline shows that Randall and Beth are far from being named a couple, there is mystery revolving around the matter.

Whether or not they got divorced in-between the present timeline and that part of the future, Randall and Beth seem to have kept their individualities in place.

Another interesting part of the conflict is represented by the close relationship Randall and his daughter Tess seem to have kept throughout the years. A social worker in that timeline, Tess seems very close to her father.

Still, there's no identifiable trace of Annie or Deja.

Unfortunately, the promo for Episode 10 gives not a single clue of how this matter will play out. Let's hope that the second part of the third season will squeeze in more Randall and Beth time so that we can have a chance to understand the conflict fully.