''This Is Us'' may not signal its comeback earlier than January 15 but it still produces some headlines. Kevin Pearson, one of its central character, has been played by Justin Hartley. The same guy has been added to a short list to replace Daniel Craig from the James Bond franchise.

Although he may not be the first choice from that list, Hartley can easily reap the benefits of being placed in the same pit with some illustrious Hollywood names. According to mirror.co.uk, the famous list of Daniel Craig's replacement includes the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, James Norton, Richard Madden or Tom Hardy.

Justin Hartley's profile is at a disadvantage

Embodying the James Bond character requires a certain set of skills not many may have. But, when it comes to this particular candidate for the role, Justin Hartley's chances suffer a blow right from the get-go.

In terms of exposure, his profile is basically unknown to the British audience. Take some other candidate to compare him with. For example, Idris Elba, the most likely replacement, is a known figure for the British audience due to his central role as a detective in ''Luther.'' Aired by BBC One, ''Luther'' has just returned with its fifth season, just in time to put Elba in the frontrunner seat.

Tom Hardy has also had his part of exposure by featuring in the BBC Two drama ''Peaky Blinders''.

According to mirror.co.uk, Justin Hartley is the fifth in line for the James Bond role. If you consider who the other candidates are, the overall situation is not bad at all.

James Bond character means global fame and recognition

'The highly-acclaimed TV Series drama ''This Is Us'' propelled Justin Hartley into the spotlight.

Prior to this particular gig, he had made little waves with his acting career. Although may seem like a wild bet, if Hartley books the James Bond role, his audience reach will go global.

For the time being, ''This Is Us'' core audience comes from the United States only. As a James Bond, the borders will be shattered, thus helping Hartley become a worldwide phenomenon.

Basically, we're talking about a huge career leap. While the Kevin Pearson character of ''This Is Us'' offered a good sample of Hartley's acting capabilities, the James Bond business would be a completely different kind of adventure.

But let's not get in front of ourselves. The safest way is to sit tight and watch how this matter will play out. In the meantime, we still have ''This Is Us'' with its second half of the third season. January 15 is merely ten days away and the waiting shouldn't be that hard at this point.