''This Is Us'' returns in just a few days on January 15. Next Tuesday is when the show will pick it up things from where they're left back in November. The mid-season finale started the brewing process on some interesting potential follow-ups.

As we're currently counting the days up until Tuesday, an official promo for Episode 10 is now available for scrutiny. What really caught the eye during this short video is the unexpected tension that seems to have grown between Kevin Pearson and his documentarian girlfriend, Zoe.

Other characters are also present in the official promo, but Kevin and Zoe deserve a bit more attention, at least this time.

Did Kevin do something wrong again?

Kevin and Zoe being together was a breath of fresh air for ''This Is Us''. In what seemed like the perfect opportunity to bound together even stronger, Kevin took Zoe to an investigative trip to Vietnam as part of his long-standing efforts to understand Jack's past.

As the Vietnam investigation came to its conclusion with all that Nicky Pearson being alive thing topping it, it all seemed just fine between Kevin and Zoe.

According to Elitedaily.com, the Episode 10 promo indicates that this couple is about to enter a bumpy road. Still, the reasons that led them to that tense moment are unclear.

All that we know is that while at Randall's political campaign party, Kevin and Zoe reached a rough patch.

Kevin is trying to apologize for something that clearly seemed to have bothered Zoe.

On the other hand, the promo shows Zoe saying 'I can't do this'. At this point, Zoe is one of the few characters whose past is still surrounded by mystery. But that veil may finally come down once Beth's past will be fully uncovered.

Kevin has an entire history of relationship failure

Although it would be nice to have Kevin and Zoe evolving into a solid couple, as the show progresses, it becomes clear that Kevin tends to brace failure when it comes to romantic relationships.

Let's not forget how messy his last such endeavor was. Sophie was his first big love, and despite the first-time failure in their youth, she was willing to give him a second chance when they reconnected years later.

But, again, Kevin's lack of luck surfaced, and he went on a downward spiral having to deal with painkiller addiction and a drinking problem.

This time, with him and Zoe, we don't know the cause of the possible fracture. Let's hope that the first few episodes will keep a focus on this matter and, why not, give this fresh couple another chance to thrive.