''This Is Us'' Season 3 finale is just around the corner and things are becoming quite interesting inside the Pearsons' universe. Once again, the show's creators almost tricked its audience into thinking that the drama is set to stream from a different side.

Episode 16 dropped a huge stone into the narrative, especially with that erratic behavior of Randall. Although he may have circumstances, being under a lot of pressure lately, things went south for him and he may face some painful consequences. The marriage with Beth hangs by a thread as things seem to have reached the boiling point.

Episode 17 promo focuses solely on Beth and Randall

Usually, when a new ''This Is Us'' promo makes it to the surface, it offers short glimpses into the main narrative threads up for discussion at the moment. But this time, the upcoming episode's promo took a different shape as its sole focus revolves around Randall and Beth. With short glimpses into their history as a couple, Episode 17 promo may also signal reaching the point of no return.

As sad as it may seem, Randall and Beth's marriage could end up in a divorce. At this point, it's unclear how high the resentment level has grown but the future doesn't look bright for these two.

That voice-mail Randall left on Beck's phone was indeed the last drop in a glass filled with unspoken words.

There's also the possibility that spill-over was needed so that Randall and Beth have a chance to talk through their issues. Either way, the show's creator, Dan Fogelman, tweeted about that moment and promised an answer will come shortly.

Who's right and who's not? Randall or Beth?

As far as the audience is concerned, picking sides between Randall and Beth is a hard thing to do.

Their dispute clearly went outside of the comfort zone. Basically, the weapons are out of the sheath as they're preparing to shot words back and forth.

But, what makes this particular conflict truly catchy, isn't necessary the power or the validity of the arguments used. It's the passion with which both Randall and Beth are sharing their opinions.

According to usatoday.com, Randall may have just overpressed the gas pedal with that voice-mail, but holding a public office comes with a certain set of obligations. But he and Beth knew all these before he entered that election, so maybe they're just still in the early stages of the cooping phase.

What remains is that this lovely couple is having the roughest patch of their marriage. Let's just hope that the upcoming episode will shed some positive light on their future together.