''This Is Us'' returns January 15 with the Episode 10, the first one since late November of last year. The mid-season finale left us with some serious questions hanging up in the air, and with a hint of a new exploratory direction. While Randall's unrealistic political ambitions grew way outside what's within his grasp, his wife Beth suffered a major setback. A cumulus of unfortunate event drove her into a dark place where she seems to have been left all alone.

Moreover, that flash from a future timeline showed a genuinely estranged couple as Beth and Randall seemed to no longer be together.

Susan Kelechi Watson has played Beth Pearson and she's been doing a fine job.

A new addition will help us dig up Beth's backstory

The veil that still surrounds Beth Pearson's backstory is about to fall down. According to ew.com, Phylicia Rashad is set to join the party as ''This Is Us'' is ready to pursue yet another layered story. The newest addition to the show will be playing Beth's mother character in what may be another powerful matriarchal narrative.

Best known for her role on ''The Cosby Show'', Phylicia Rashad may help us really understand all the inner resorts that make Beth the current person.

Beth's backstory is one of the latest pieces of the puzzle. She's the only major character whose story hadn't been dissected yet.

Still, Beth Pearson's mother won't become a permanent addition to the show. According to avclub.com, she will be playing a guest role type. According to the same source, the 13th episode is where the details about Beth's story are likely to emerge. Let's hope that her short stay with the show will clear the clouds on Beth's past.

At this point, the audience knows very few aspects of her backstory.

'This Is Us' has unlimited future possibilities

One of the strongest presence in the TV series drama field, ''This Is Us'' is best known for its lachrymatory narrative. While the major story has always seemed to be revolving around Jack Pearson persona, all other major characters have had their fair share of ups and downs.

The mid-season finale revealed a huge twist as Jack's brother was found out to be alive.

The major characters on the show are all trapped into some intriguing narrative threads. Beth and Randall was just an example. Now, as Beth seems to be receiving the deserved level of attention, the second part of the third season might become even more interesting.

Only five days are now separating the audience from its beloved show which is set to return next Tuesday.