''This Is Us'' Season 3 Episode 18, 'Her,' is set to air on Tuesday with fans expecting to see many secrets of the Pearson family flushed out from the less visible corners of this massive storyline.

Season 3 has made no compromises of any sort when it came to swinging that temporal pendulum back and forth. The narrative went from Jack Pearson's childhood to a future timeline we're yet to dig into completely. According to Entertainment Weekly, Season 3 finale will clear some of the waters when it comes to that mysterious flash forward.

As Jack Pearson's character has had less and less on-screen exposure, it will be interesting to see how the show's future path unfolds.

Episode 18 promo with some dramatic scenery

Episode 18 'Her' will put the cap on another ''This Is Us'' season. But the show's producers decided to put in some extra drama and Rebecca Pearson's car accident from the past gets more focus on it.

By now, it has become generally accepted that the 'Her' character from the future timeline is the aged version of Rebecca Pearson. Now, some may look at the upcoming episode as a possible connecting bridge between Rebecca's accident and her onset of dementia. It may look like a far-stretched theory, but when it comes to the ''This Is Us'' universe, any detail from the past has a tendency to grow its influence over the future.

The episode promo does a great job in keeping the mystery flowing around Rebecca's car accident.

The follow up is expected to be unveiled during the episode.

The Big Three with some major issues to handle

Nothing comes easy for the Pearsons. As far as the Big Three is being positioned for the season finale, Kate, Kevin, and Randall Pearson are all about to hit some major bumps along the road.

Kate may have survived all those pregnancy-related issues but her days of joy aren't there just yet.

The episode promo signaled imminent danger for the baby, Jack. On top of that, that future timeline shows an aged Toby all alone with no trace of Kate in sight.

Moving to another member of the Big Three group, Kevin's decision to stay with Zoe regardless of her opinion about having kids may not be definitive after all. A short scene of them talking shows a rather detached Kevin making his point while the disappointment level appears to be growing fast on Zoe's face.

And last but not least, Randall and Beth are still struggling to find their way back to that common ground they use to operate on for so long.

Therefore, there's plenty of reason to tune in for the Season 3 finale of ''This Is Us''. And, make sure to have your tissue supply within reach. As far as the forecast stands, showers of tears and windy gasps are expected for Tuesday evening.