''This Is Us'' Season 3 is now done and dusted, but the taste of its finale is still there. It was the right way to wrap up an explosive season. A balanced mix of sadness, positiveness and a lot of thoroughly carried out introspection delivered us a compelling finale while simultaneously setting off the stage for the upcoming season.

Although NBC is yet to make that official renewal announcement for ''This Is Us'' Season 4, all the hints indicate the show has many bright days ahead. And, when it comes to building up characters, some of them may get even more attention in the future.

Rebecca Pearson's saga is set to become a central part of the next season as her father's character is expected to become more present.

What the future timeline revealed about Rebecca Pearson

Rebecca Pearson's character has been expanding side by side with that of her late husband, Jack Pearson. Usually, that's a good technique in terms of character assembly, but it won't apply for the upcoming season. With Rebecca's father taking a front seat, Rebecca's own image could be analyzed from a completely different perspective.

According to Tvline.com, that extended Season 3 finale propelled us 12 years into the future, where an ailing and significantly aged Rebecca is having her final moments. The deathbed scene had a major twist as Nicky was there, and not Miguel as most would have anticipated.

Dealing with the loss of Jack and possibly Miguel

If we're to assume that Miguel has passed away before Rebecca, that only means she had to deal with the burial of the two men that stood beside her for so long.

At this point, we know how hard she had it after Jack Pearson died. She needed years to get herself back on her feet as the grieving process took a lot of energy and resources out of her.

Let's assume that Miguel has already died in that future timeline, that fact alone may have had serious implications on Rebecca's overall well-being. To be honest, she seemed in pretty bad shape in that final scene, and it would be hard to put the blame for her condition solely on her dementia or Alzheimer.

Rebecca Pearson's father should help with the character mapping

The update regarding any future ''This Is Us'' cast addition revolved mostly around the idea of having a complete picture on Rebecca Pearson through the eyes of her father.

Up to this point, the storyline presented only a few bits on the young version of Rebecca. But Season 4 will clear the waters on that matter.

We saw Rebecca Pearson's character taking shape through other character's eyes, but when it came to her actual family, we had maybe too little pieces we could use.

At this point, an official confirmation announcement for Season 4 would sweeten the waiting up.