It's been a month since ''This Is Us'' parted ways with its viewers after the mid-season finale. Episode 9 left the audience on a cliffhanger, especially after that major twist that revealed Jack Pearson's brother Nicky was still alive.

The waiting should be acceptable at the time being as the show is set to return mid-January with Episode 10. According to IMDb, ''This Is Us'' will resume January 15 and there are so many possible ways for when the show picks things up again.

Once the show resumes, its viewers could hope for more news about the show's future.

Although the vast majority may agree that the awarded TV series drama is here to stay, an official confirmation of the Season 4 is yet to be made.

Episode 10 teaser offers no serious insight

A 15-second teaser is all that the show's producers decided to put under the Christmas tree for the audience. But, other than a date for the show's return, there's no useful information there.

For the time being, there are nine more episodes of the third season and with the latest development in the show, the whole show's dynamic may change. Nicky Pearson being alive was a real blow and a stunning twist although the future size of that narrative is still to be determined.

But that's just a small part of the entire puzzle as the Pearsons are about to get tested hard.

Tough times ahead for the Pearsons

A role-model when it comes to being a couple, Randall and Beth are slowly but steadily falling apart from one another. Randall's political adventure could end up costing him greatly as Beth's cry for help remains unnoticed.

On a separate side of the narrative, Kate and Toby are going to have a baby.

After months of risky medical procedures and a huge sacrifice from Toby's side, this couple may finally hope for a bright future. Still, that future timeline tends to raise numerous questions as in that short video Toby looks all alone.

Kevin and Zoe could be worthy of a separate debate. The newest couple of the ''This Is Us'' universe, these two have managed to smoothly blend the early days of a new relationship with some serious investigative groundwork.

After all, if it wasn't for Kevin's determination to learn more about Jack's past, the Nicky Pearson twist would never have happened.

Why the delay for Season 4 confirmation?

On March 12, ''This Is Us'' will air its last episode of the third season. Although the general belief is that the show will be renewed for another season, an official statement on the matter hasn't been made yet.

A while ago, Dan Fogelman, the show's creator, said that he has material for eight seasons, but, at this point, it's still unclear how long ''This Is Us'' is going to survive.

Since Christmas is knocking at the door, let's hope for some good news about ''This Is Us'' future. A confirmation for Season 4 would be a nice start.