''This Is Us'' is set to wrap things up on its third season on April 2. With only a couple of episodes left out of season three, the tension has reached yet another critical point as the narrative hit a recurrent theme of the show, especially for some particular characters.

Kevin Pearson is spiraling down once again as the unclear result of his Vietnam quest let him frustrated still battling with some dark though. He chose the easiest way as the drinking is back on the table with all the unpleasant things it may cause.

Kate Pearson, who has been struggling with a complicated pregnancy, is caught in the middle as her biological bond with her twin brother somehow forced her to step in an effort to help Kevin.

Episode 15 promo suggests more drama is yet to come

Episode 14 'The Graduates' ended in a rather sad note with the entire Pearson family rushing into the hospital where Kate had been admitted. As she has her chance to take with both Kevin and Randall, a flashback from their final days of high school uncovered the true nature of their bond.

We're witnessing a touchy scene indeed. It gets even more emotional when trying to remember all the things these three have been through up to this point.

But let's try to get back to some pressing matters as the upcoming episode promo 'The Waiting Room' shows some very disturbing scenes. Kate's medical condition seems to have gotten worse with no actual news on her pregnancy.

Showing a very concerned face, Kevin Pearson is pictured seeing that Kate entered into emergency surgery. What that really means is hard to anticipate as any connection with her already complicated pregnancy is still to be unveiled.

Kevin's addiction triggered the drama, others suffer from it too

If it wasn't for Kevin's drinking problem, perhaps Kate shouldn't have had to intervene.

That would have sparred her from some useless stress which is likely to go down as the trigger to her pregnancy complication.

Some interesting things emerge after watching the episode promo. Kevin seems to be already blaming himself for her sister's current situation, a feeling amplified by Toby's earlier reaction.

Knowing his history with addiction wouldn't be that hard to anticipate the troubled waters he would have to navigate through next.

His relationship with Zoe may also crumble as he's been lying to her for a while now. Moreover, let's not forget about his own tendency for self-destruction.

The third season's finale may signal that Kevin's role is in jeopardy. Given the chain of recent events, that theory has some solid ground underneath. And, there's that future timeline that shows no sign of Kevin whatsoever.

Kate Pearson may lose her own life

Just imagine how Kevin's life would be once his closed ones will all know how much of a mess he's been. So, there's plenty of reasons to think that Kevin's life is a tipping point. The fact that he put his own sister's life in jeopardy is enough to make things horrible for him.

In the meantime, Kate's life may be hanging by a thin thread.

Her pregnancy was a big risk even in a perfect environment. From all that we know, now she must find for her own life, a life she may be willing to bargain in exchange for her unborn child's life.

And, again, as in Kevin's case, the future timeline shows no sign of Kate.

''This Is Us'' has brought its viewer in the proximity of another potentially dramatic part of the narrative. To some of the questions, the upcoming episode will provide an answer for on Tuesday, for the rest of them, all one can do, is sit tight and wait for the dust to settle as the season's finale is less than a month ahead.