Women’s March on Washington has become shockingly global and set to break records

People unite to bring notice to President Trump and fight for various civil rights.
Men and women are arriving in Washington, D.C. by the busload, planes, trains, automobiles, and any other imaginable mode of transportation to join in what might be the most historical march of...
21 January 2017 -
S. Oliver

President Donald Trump may turn out to be the surprise champion of Women’s March Movement

His ridicule of ladies and their private parts has women all over the world fighting back in a massive show of solidarity.
Hours after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America, most citizens breathed a collective sigh of relief that once again our country had witnessed a...
21 January 2017 -
P. K. N. Brown

New demand for Trump to release his taxes following news that he has not cut business ties

Trump’s unknown ties cause great concern, which could even stop countries from sharing intel
The seriousness and consequences of the U.S. election is unfolding at a rapid pace. On day one, the newly elected President Donald Trump signed an executive order to halt a federal mortgage...
21 January 2017 -
S. Oliver
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