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"Dance Moms" made its debut in July 2011 on Lifetime. Who would have ever imaged that so much drama could transpire inside a dance studio?

And it's not just the dance students and their moms who have fans buzzing on the popular reality TV series. Dance instructorAbby Lee Miller, the owner of the Abby Lee Dance Company Studios, is currently serving a 366-day prison sentence for fraud. Rumor has it she's not enjoying her stay. In her absence, "Dancing with the Stars" pro Cheryl Burke was cast as the instructor for the second half of season 7.

"Dance Moms" has been filmed in both Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, with most of the show taped inside Abby Lee Dance Company studios. Miller, who turns 51 in September, started her dance company when she was just 14. She's known for being really hard on her students and fans of the show have called her out for being a bully.

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