Supernatural fans: Subscribe to this channel for the latest updates on the show, cast, and more!


Supernatural fans: Subscribe to this channel for the latest updates on the show, cast, and more!

Welcome to the Supernatural Channel on Blasting News! Lucky season 13 is just around the corner, and we're here to keep you updated with the freshest news on the longest-running fantasy television series in the U.S.

The family business

Sam and Dean Winchester have spent their entire lives hunting everything that goes bump in the night, from demons, ghosts, monsters, and even some of the scariest nightmares: humans. Hunting runs in the family, and in recent seasons fans and the brothers learned that not only are the Winchesters legends in the hunting community, but they are Men of Letters Legacies.

Along their journey, the Winchester brothers have built a family, a community of friends and allies (including their close friend, Castiel) as well as their share of enemies, too. Over the years, the boys have lost many people they've cared about; sometimes they were lucky enough to get them back (this is Supernatural, after all), and other times characters were killed off for good.

No matter what they've been through, Sam and Dean keep fighting the good fight by each other's side, refusing to give up even in the toughest situations and ready to face any obstacle in front of them.

In a show about family, loyalty, sacrifice, good vs evil, fantastical situations, the complexities of being human, and how monsters are sometimes the good guys, Supernatural maintains a unique balance of complex themes with the brothers' relationship at its core.

The road so far: Season 12

  • The Winchesters met the British Men of Letters, and after eventually figuring out that the BMOL were the prime example of how human beings can also be monsters, were dispatched by the Winchesters as well as a team of hunters, including their friend, Sheriff Jody Mills.
  • Mary Winchester was brought back to life and struggled to reconnect with her grown-up sons, who were only a baby and a toddler when she died. By the end of the season, the Winchester trio were able to open up a bit, and shared a sweet family moment.
  • Just as they were fixing their relationship with their mother, Sam and Dean watched as Mary disappeared through a rift in the universe, stuck with Lucifer in an alternate, post-apocalyptic world where Sam and Dean were never born.
  • The rift was torn open when Lucifer's son, Jack (aka, a Nephilim, half human and half angel), was born.
  • The King of Hell, Crowley, sacrificed himself in the alternate universe to save Sam and Dean in an attempt to defeat Lucifer.
  • Castiel, after following Sam and Dean back through the rift and into their world, was immediately killed by Lucifer.
  • Having just lost their friend and witnessing their mother vanish into the alternate universe (the rift closing shut behind her), Dean was last seen kneeling by Castiel's dead body while Sam found himself in a nursery with Jack, who is not actually a baby but a fully grown young man.

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