Welcome to the Animal Channel on Blasting News! Subscribe and get connected to wildlife enthusiasts around the world.


Welcome to the Animal Channel on Blasting News! Subscribe and get connected to wildlife enthusiasts around the world.

Welcome to the Animal Channel on Blasting News! Did you know that the technical term for a dog lover is cynophile and a cat lover is an ailurophile?

Pet parents: Facts and figures

A 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) shows that about 68% of US households own a pet. In the UK, nearly half of all British dog and cat lovers sleep with their pets despite hygiene concerns, according to a study by Animal Friends. Aussies spend $6.4 billion more per year on pets than fashion items and $7.3 billion more compared to technology purchases, finds a study by Choosi.

More interesting animal facts

A group of crows is called a murder. Goldfish are drawn to music. Dogs are chivalrous; when playing with female pups, male pups often let them win.

Giraffes are forever hungry and can guzzle up to 45kg of leaves. (If you are a fan of April the giraffe, you would know!) Cows can sleep standing up, but they can only dream lying down. For every human in the world, there are one million ants. Almost half the pigs in this world are in China. A dolphin calf nurses for up to two years. Calves stay with the mothers anywhere from three to eight years. When a squirrel is scared and feels that it is in danger, it will at first remain motionless. A deer’s antlers fall off every year. As they regrow, the antlers are covered in a furry coat called velvet. This velvet, rich in nerves and blood vessels, enables the antlers to regrow. Camel's milk is healthier than cow’s milk and it contains less fat. Chipmunks make their own burrows and are extremely protective of it. They use loud chirps to express occupied territory.

About Animal Channel

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