Game of Thrones Channel on Blasting News: Your one-stop community thread for the latest 'GOT' Season 8 updates

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones Channel on Blasting News: Your one-stop community thread for the latest 'GOT' Season 8 updates

Welcome to Game of Thrones Channel on Blasting News. Our beloved series just ended leaving as alone in the long night to come.

New Game of Thrones spoilers are coming up in the next couple of weeks as leaked set photos and potential insider reports began circulating all over social media and other GOT portals. And the best way to keep you out of the MIA league is by subscribing to this channel and be notified of the most recent happenings in Westeros.

Khal Drogo actor Jason Momoa hinted that he already knows how the story will end but refused to divulge the information he's got in the box. Meanwhile, famed theories and paid insiders are actively spying on GOT circles to deliver important details of the series' upcoming eighth season.

GOT S7 in a nutshell

  • The army of the dead gets passed the Eastwatch by the sealed by the Night King and Wight Viserion.
  • Jon Snow's parentage is revealed. He's now Aegon Targaryen.
  • Daenerys armada heads to Winterfell to protect the Northern Kingdom.
  • The Stark kids take full control of Winterfell earning the authority over the Knights of the Vale.
  • Cersei is her usual self, vile.
  • The Iron Fleet heads to Essos to ferry the Golden Army to help Cersei in her claim to the Iron Throne.
  • Jaime breaks ties with the Mad Queen.
  • Tyrion's allegiance is in question.
  • The King in the North and the Dragon Queen lay in bed together for the first time.

This will be your virtual Westeros

This Game of Thrones Channel on Blasting News aims to deliver an interactive community forum for avid fans of the series (Related topics from the original book fantasy series are also welcome here.) Yes, your participation is encouraged by starting a conversation, inquiring for clarifications from subliminal plots in the past and upcoming episodes, and everything you would want to know.

Most of our contributors are “Game of Thrones” fans themselves. Therefore, this is the best place to get your insider’s view and trailer and episodic breakdowns. And most importantly, subscribing to this channel rewards you the opportunity to learn about leaks, spoilers and news updates first-hand.

Send us a raven!

You know exactly how raven works in Westeros and you can do that too by sending us tips and insider reports. You can do so by tweeting the channel’s administrator at @domirexism or through Blasting News Twitter account, @BlastingNews. But if you would love to write for us exclusively on topics about “GOT,” kindly send us a direct message in the accounts provided.

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