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Rick And Morty

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, loyal fandom of "Rick and Morty"! The brand newSeason Threeis at full throttle and has further added to the already massive repertoire of the show. Something seems to be building up as far as the show’s direction is concerned, and we aren’t quite sure what it is yet. The show’s season finale may be the moment of the big reveal. Fair assumptions of fans include the origin of Rick, Rick’s purpose of return to his family, and the big question as to why Rick is putting effort into actually mending relations with those who are close to him. Also, nobody has heard fromTammyorBirdpersonyet. All of this leaves a lot of room for creative imagination, but the reality will come to us in due time and we just cannot hold in the excitement of what it might be.

From niche to mainstream

Over the past month, "Rick and Morty"has garnered massive popularity and has grown as a viral sensation like never before. The show’s mammoth fan following has grown even more ginormous and is claiming more people with each passing day and each new episode. It could even be said that, having been an undergroundcultshow for the first two seasons, "Rick and Morty" has now become a mainstream sensation.

Businesses adapting the show’s characters and themes to make customised products has seen a recent and sudden increase. "Rick and Morty" is everywhere. Everyone is talking about it. Knowing it has become “cool”. The internet loves it.

The "Rick and Morty" Channel

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