Dancing With The Stars

"Dancing with the Stars" is the most fascinating talent show and this channel will keep you abreast of everything that happens there

"Dancing with the Stars" is a television format created by the BBC in 2004. The success formula is very simple: celebrities who dance and compete with each other to be the champions of the contest. They, moreover, seek the love of the public to stay in force. The idea was so good that this talent show is present in more than 50 countries around the globe. Here in the United States, it is a truly unprecedented phenomenon. The public loves and defends their favorite celebrities and they suffer with them when they receive a low score for their performance. This channel will tell the readers what goes on behind the scenes, the emotions that the contestants live and how their dance skills evolve.

This tv show is so fabulous that it launches to fame celebrities who were not so important. Thanks to "DWTS", the new generations know figures who were famous in the past like Mister T, Jennifer Grey, Pamela Anderson, and Mario Lopez, among others. This show entertains the audience, making them forget their daily problems for a couple of hours. The celebrities, in addition to becoming more famous, get in shape since dance is an excellent physical training.

"DWTS" is always a great show: people love to see talented dancers but also likes to see the evolution of someone who does not know how to dance and thanks to this contest learn to do it. This show is the best option to know how popular can become a celebrity, which depends on their humility to recognize their mistakes during the performance and temperance to withstand the criticism of judges. Many want to know why the masses love this show so much and one of the reasons is because of the emotions (both of the public and of the contestants) that are exacerbated. The drama holds the audience captive, who always want to know how the scandal that ended up in their favorite tv show will end. This channel will inform the readers of all the secrets behind the scandals seen on television.

"DWTS" celebrities have no idea what they are exposed when they sign a contract to participate. They not only dance, but a whole country speaks of them. They must be prepared in the face of criticism, because if they are not, they may feel hurt. The ego is very important for an artist, so they must be strong when judges point out mistakes during their performance. Although there is something more important than all that: the approval of the public. Only fans can save their celebrities from low scores.

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