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Abc's The View was created by Barbara Walters and Bill Getty in 1997. Walters wanted to feature a panel of strong women as co-hosts to discuss the day's "Hot Topics."

The View has had its share of controversy over the years with its revolving door of co-hosts. Most recently, Jedediah Bila, who joined the panel in 2016 made a shocking announcement that she would be leaving only after signing on for the whole season which left much speculation that she was fired due to her harsh questions to Hillary Clinton. Bila who considers herself a conservative libertarian was replaced by Republican, conservative, Meghan McCain.

Through the years, the co-hosts have had explosive debates over their political opinions/views. Most memorable was the blow-up between then co-hosts Rosie Odonnel and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Odonnel who considers herself a liberal Democrat argued over partial-birth abortion wherein Hasselbeck, a Republican turned a deaf ear. The argument went on for 10 awkward minutes and became so heated that Joy Beher begged producers to go to commercial but producers ignored Beher seeing what a good show Odonnel and Hasselbeck were putting on and so they let the feathers fly.

McCain made her debut on October 9th, 2017 and already ruffled a few feathers when rather than focusing on hot topic of Vice President Pence's stunt of walking out in an NFL game after knowing in advance that the players would be taking a knee during the National Anthem, she made the issue about herself stating "I’m deeply patriotic, and to me when I thought [my brother] could possibly get blown up in a Humvee in Iraq, it gave me solace," she said. "So, I think, there’s a misunderstanding that I think we can have a conversation about both things while still respecting what the national anthem and the American flag mean to people like me."

The View's ratings have skyrocketed of late thanks to all the political drama.

You can catch The View, featuring Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Beher, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain and Paula Farris, now in its 21st season, every day at 11:00 a.m. est. on ABC.

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