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Putin develops hypersonic weapon, experts say

Russia is flexing their muscles once again with the development of a new weapon.
In the arena of world politics, Russia is flexing their muscles once again with the development of a new weapon. The weapon is a new hypersonic missile that can reach Europe in less than twelve...
3 December 2016 -
J. Ledbetter

Russian IL-78 air-tankers to be part of IAF as India scraps Airbus deal

The Indian government has scrapped the $2 billion deal with Air Bus of the European consortium and opted for the cheaper Russian IL-78
India continues its love affair with Russian equipment and aircraft. The latest news is that the deal with Airbus to supply MRTT airplanes has been scrapped. The deal was worth over $ 2 billion and...
3 December 2016 -
M. Singh

Will Trump and Putin establish a new order?

Many have questioned just what sort of relationship Trump and Putin will form once the President-elect takes office.
Donald Trump made history when he won the presidency. Here was the underdog, reviled by many, castigated by the intellectuals and not supported by many in his own party giving a knockout blow, and...
1 December 2016 -
M. Singh
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  • Vladimir Putin; the good, the bad, and what Americans need to know

    A look at how Jill Stein and the ultra-Left view Russia and Vladimir Putin
    During the presidential debates, it was Hilary Clinton who attempted to deflect questions about what Wikileaks had exposed regarding her corruption scandal by stating that the facts came from a...
    27 November 2016
    S. . D. Gangi
  • Analysis of the Russian MIG-29k carrier borne supersonic fighter

    The MIG-29 K is a state of art war machine capable of short landing and takeoff but poor quality control has let the machine down
    The MIG-29K is a carrier version of the plane designed by the Mikoyan design bureau. It is a short landing and takeoff aircraft with retractable wings for storage abroad carrier. The plane was in the...
    26 November 2016
    M. Singh
  • EU first to fight Russian propaganda on behalf of Europe and the U.S.

    As right-wing populism threatens the stability of Western governments, European Parliament decides to battle Russian propaganda.
    Russian president Vladimir Putin responded in anger to the European Parliament passing a motion to do something about Russia's “disinformation and propaganda warfare,” which was passed by 304...
    24 November 2016
    J. Mark
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  • Second nuclear powered attack submarine from Russia to join Indian fleet to counter China

    India and Russia have signed a deal for a second nuclear submarine to beef up Indian naval power.
    China has nuclear submarines, and these patrol the Bay of Bengal. The Chinese navy also has a refueling base in Burma as well. To counter the Chinese threat, India had been leased a nuclear submarine...
    11 November 2016
    M. Singh
  • Russia's fight against global terrorism

    The Russian military intervention in Syria has led to 3,800 civilian deaths - so what are Russia's true intentions in this military operation?
    Russia's military campaign against ISIS fighters in Syria began over a year ago. So far about 3,800 civilians were killed by Russian airstrikes. About a quarter of those people, were children. Not...
    5 November 2016
    A. Levitchi
  • FIFA from Kazan to Saint Petersburg

    The draw for the FIFA Confederations Cup is to be held this Saturday in Kazan. What to expect from the tournament next summer?
    The draw for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup will take place on Saturday, November 26th. The ceremony will take place at the Tennis Academy in Kazan. The city's Kazan Arena will host four matches...
    22 November 2016
    A. Levitchi
  • Round two of the presidential elections in Moldova

    Pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon becomes the new president of the post-Soviet republic.
    Today the second round of the presidential elections took place in Moldova. Igor Dodon, the leader of the Socialist Party, has won the presidential race. With 98 percent of the votes already...
    14 November 2016
    A. Levitchi
  • The 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia

    Today's draw for the FIFA Confederations Cup provided some intriguing pairings for football fans across the world.
    The draw for the FIFA Confederations Cup concluded today in Kazan. The event was conducted by the FIFA Competitions and Events Chief Officer Colin Smith and FIFA Deputy Secretary General for Football...
    26 November 2016
    A. Levitchi
  • Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump making a new world order?

    Both the presidents have mutual admiration and respect. This could be the basis of a new relationship that could change the present world order.
    Donald Trump is an unconventional leader. Throughout his campaign he has said things that have not endeared him to many. Vladimir Putin (the Russian president) has admiration for Trump and he has...
    23 November 2016
    M. Singh
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