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Turkey is seeking an ally in Russia

While the world is afraid of North Korea, a much more dangerous alliance of the two world powers is in the making
The National Review has published a detailed analysis of relations between Turkey and Russia and predictions of the consequences of the new economic and political alliance. Although independent...
28 April 2017 -
K. Maja

Russian officials warn that U.S. global missile shield could ignite nuclear war

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that the US excessive missile defense buildup could lead to nuclear war in Europe.
Russian Officials have warned of possible nuclear conflict as the US continues to build up missile defense system in Europe. They further express worry over the risk posed by Washington’s nuclear...
29 April 2017 -
W. Oba

Russia allowed U.S. to hit Syria and other conspiracies

Experts have considered the possibility that Russia allowed the U.S. to hit Syria as payback for their chemical attack, forming other conspiracies
In a recent article by Blasting News about Russia's relationship with the U.S. over their cruise missile attack against the Assad regime, it mentions that New America Fellow Doug Ollivant and...
16 April 2017 -
J. Mark
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  • Friday wrap: Flynn, Nunes, Ivanka, immunity, ban block, Russia

    The week left one big loose end called the Michael Flynn testimony ploy and what it may mean
    The Trump weeks are like a seesaw and the one that ends today is no different. Depending on your perspective it was probably a wash either way. Here's what went down. Michael Flynn reappeared from the...
    31 March 2017
    S. C. Rose
  • Senate rejection of Flynn immunity on Russia may or may not hurt the president

    Will Senate rejection of immunity for Michael Flynn hurt of help Donald Trump as Russia investigation proceeds?
    It seemed that the president and Michael Flynn had a wonderful deal that would enable both of them to walk away from the tangled Russia web free and clear of any culpability. But it didn't take a...
    1 April 2017
    S. C. Rose
  • Slim majority of Americans want the Russia probe continued

    More U.S. citizens desire to see the investigation into the alleged Ruisan collusion go forth than those who do not.
    The Associated Press just released the results of a poll regarding the alleged Russian collusion. It seems that more Americans desire the probe into Trump ties to the Kremlin to continue, than those...
    1 April 2017
    C. Preston
  • Thursday Digest: Gorsuch, Erik Prince, Russia, O'Reilly, Bannon, Rice, Ossoff

    This week's news saw Flynn forgotten and the entire US moving toward more division than ever
    Thursday enables a look at the week that was and enables speculation regarding what is about to take place. That would be an evocation of the nuclear option in the US Senate and the possible division...
    6 April 2017
    S. C. Rose
  • Reaction to U.S. airstrike on Syria

    Following Trump's missile barrage, reactions from Russia, Syria and the world
    Last night, President Donald Trump ordered the United States military to conduct their first attack on the Syrian Government in response to their use of chemical weapons. A barrage of 59 Tomahawk...
    7 April 2017
    G. Sousa
  • Dubbed as 'Extremists' by Russia, Jehovah's Witnesses face an uncertain future

    Russia's Ministry of Justice trying to squelch Witnesses, liquidate their holdings and ban their activity.
    There is an unexpected knock at the door. When you open it, you see a pair of well-dressed individuals, smiling, with a Bible in their hand. Instantly, you recognize them as Jehovah’s Witnesses....
    11 April 2017
    J. Skye
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