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Putin says Russia has 'caught up with US missile capabilities'

Moscow is also ready to develop new weapons systems, both nuclear and non-nuclear.
Russian strongman Vladimir Putin boasted Thursday that his country could match the United States' missile capabilities and is ready to respond should Washington quit the historic Cold War nuclear...
21 October 2017 -
I. Wanjiku

Trump rages on Twitter accusing Dems of collusion with Russia over 'pee tape'

Donald Trump is still not happy about the so-called "pee tape" dossier, and now thinks there was a bigger conspiracy behind the document's release.
Donald Trump is back on social media and he isn't happy with a variety of topics. One issue that the president is focusing on is the previously released "dossier" that accused him of several...
19 October 2017 -
R. Sobel

Kellyanne Conway mocked on Twitter after being caught re-tweeting Russian trolls

After a new report linked members of Donald Trump's team to the promotion of a Russian-controlled Twitter account, Kellyanne Conway faced backlash.
After nearly a year of the White House fighting off allegations that Donald Trump was in cahoots with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election, a new story adds new fuel to the...
18 October 2017 -
R. Sobel
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  • Russia boosts North Korea’s internet after the US attempts to shut it down

    While the White House makes a crackdown on Kim’s regime, Russia provides North Korea a cyber lifeline.
    Kim Jong-un’s regime was held responsible for the numerous cyber attacks in recent years. Some of the major attacks were done against Sony Pictures and a number of banks. The most recent cyber...
    3 October 2017
    W. Parker
  • Last of Russia's chemical weapons verifiably destroyed

    Russia declared on September, 27, 2017 that it has successfully achieved 100% destruction of all its chemical weapons stockpiles.
    The 1967 decree of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers launched the start of massive chemical weapons productions in the Soviet Union. Twenty-six years later, on January 13, 1993,...
    13 October 2017
    A. Danfora
  • Russia to beef up nuclear arsenal and readiness, conduct series of missile tests

    Russia test new silo-based, nuclear-armed ICBM and also a new missile for the Islander tactical missile system.
    Russia is now getting more serious about its nuclear deterrence. Latest reports said that the Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces are currently beefing up its nuclear arsenal, testing a new...
    18 October 2017
    E. Castro
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  • Trump rages in Twitter meltdown with cheap shot at Hillary, cries 'Russian hoax'

    Donald Trump is not happy with the latest story about Facebook selling political ads to Russia, and he decided to lash out on Twitter.
    In recent days, one of the top news stories has been in regards to Facebook selling thousands of political ads to Russia during the 2016 presidential election. In response, Donald Trump was quick to...
    22 September 2017
    R. Sobel
  • The best ally of the U.S. against Russia: Elon Musk

    Could the intelligence of this genius put Moscow on its knees? Tesla and SpaceX will play a key role!
    The United States and Russia do not see eye to eye on issues such as North Korea, Ukraine, NATO expansion, and more. The Kremlin has a huge nuclear arsenal and advanced space technology, and it also...
    28 September 2017
    C. Stats
  • Trump's distraction machine cannot keep Mueller away forever

    Mueller needs to step up before the orange-haired one closes a few more doors.
    Vote! That is what underlies the present crisis. We are a democracy that has voted but now is ruled by a near majority but not quite. I do not believe we are as divided as we make out. What's to be...
    24 September 2017
    S. C. Rose
  • Why does the media insist on the Russia narrative?

    Distorting the truth seems to be the modus operandi of the wandering left and the media that it controls.
    Clearly, dangerous right-wing populism is on the rise and it needs to be combated somehow. There is no doubt about that. And while many hesitate grouping Donald Trump with the alt-right and its...
    22 September 2017
  • Maryland activists spotted fake Russian ‘Blacktivist,’ confronted internet troll

    Astute Baltimore activists saw something ‘off’ in tweets, called out Putin’s paid puppet on Twitter.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin should not underestimate savvy Americans using social networking services. Neither Reverend Heber Brown, III, nor Brittany Oliver were duped by puppet master Putin’s...
    30 September 2017
    A. Cox
  • Russian 'Cannibal Couple' detained after police discover remains of victims

    'Cannibal couple' in Russia were detained on suspicion of murdering up to 30 people
    Local media are reporting that a couple has been detained in the South Russian Krasnodarksy region on the grounds that they may be responsible for up to 30 deaths. The NTV news channel reported that a...
    25 September 2017
    A. Aston
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