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Some positive news for Donald Trump in Russia probe at least?

According to Washington Post, the latest leak could actually turn out to be a blessing for the president.
Over the last two months or so, the United States President Donald Trump has been in the eye of a storm due to the investigations into Russian intervention into the elections last year and possible...
15 August 2017 -
V. Cross

Russia christens its latest fifth generation fighter as Su-57

The Russian plane with latest avionics and weaponry will be a threat to America and NATO
Russia is the only country in the world that rivals America in the production of latest generation fighters.The Russian aviation industry is pretty advanced and since the early fifties have produced...
11 August 2017 -
M. Singh

Donald Trump rips Congress in scathing tweetstorm over Russia, Obamacare repeal

Donald Trump is not happy with the lack of progress in moving his agenda forward and decided to take a shot at Congress in the process.
It's no secret that things aren't going according to plan for Donald Trump and the White House. As part of his way to vent, the president decided to take out his frustrations on members of Congress....
3 August 2017 -
R. Sobel
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  • Trump Blames Congress for poor U.S.-Russia relations

    After blasting Congress, Trump gets ridiculed by Russia's prime minister
    On Thursday, President Trump tweeted that Congress was at fault for the poor relations between the United States and Russia. His tweet read, “Our relationship with Russia is at an all-time &...
    3 August 2017
    S. Kennedy
  • Trump signs ‘seriously flawed’ Russia sanctions bill

    Overwhelming support for new Russia sanctions in Congress ties Trump's hands
    On Wednesday morning, President Trump signed into law a bill that puts new sanctions against Russia. The legislation also hampers the president’s ability to ease the sanctions that are already in...
    3 August 2017
    S. Kennedy
  • America’s new sanctions on Russia receives strong opposition from Europe

    Moscow is apparently not the only country that will be negatively impacted by US new sanctions on Russia, but surprisingly Europe as well.
    Ironically, after promulgating the law which imposes new sanctions on Russia, President Trump made his stand clear that he was strongly against the measure. The law in effect punishes Moscow for...
    7 August 2017
    W. Parker
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  • No, Trump has not 'surrendered to Russia,' Obama did

    A response to Michael Gerson's latest article in the Washington Post about Trump's 'surrender.'
    Many news outlets intend to make President Trump's life miserable. Michael Gerson from The Washington Post has referred to a "surrender" from the White House regarding Russian foreign policy. Yet what...
    23 July 2017
    M. Snape
  • VPNs pulled out by Apple in China and Russia signs banning of VPNs

    Prohibited websites shall not be accessible by all means possible - proxy & VPNs
    Sources report 60 VPNs were removed over the weekend by Apple from the app store in China. Apple reported it was a legal action because the VPN creators did not comply with the new regulations which...
    31 July 2017
    I. Alejandro
  • The death of internet privacy, proxies and VPNs officially banned in Russia

    Thanks to Vladimir Putin, Orwell and Stalin seem to be coming back to life in Russia.
    It is no secret that Russia has practically turned into a dictatorship. Internet privacy is becoming extinct in most of the Western world, including the USA. We are voluntarily giving it up, without...
    1 August 2017
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