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Donald Trump loses it on Twitter accusing Clintons of secret Russian deals

Donald Trump is not happy that Congress is investigating Russia's hack of the election, and voiced his anger on Twitter.
Ever since Election Day, the biggest story to dominate the news cycle has been the impact of Russia on the 2016 presidential election. As the pressure mounts on Donald Trump and the White House to...
27 March 2017 -
R. Sobel

Russia protests suggest a 21st century theme -- peaceful revolution

Largely peaceful and widespread anti-Putin protests in Russia are an encouraging sign for democracy.
To get to what may be the real news of what is going on in Russia, where there were protests in 99 areas over the weekend, you have to go past the headlines and look for signs. The signs point to a...
27 March 2017 -
S. C. Rose

The Russian Bear in the room will not go away

While the Republicans battled amongst themselves last week another matter was bubbling away which could blow everything away
Last week began with explosive testimony by FBI Director James Comey at the House Intelligence Committee public sitting where he confirmed the ongoing investigations into possible collusion between...
27 March 2017 -
G. (. Pezzano
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  • U.S. General says Putin may be supplying Taliban insurgents

    Army General Curtis Scaparrotti said Russian influence is expanding in Afghanistan.
    It’s not a secret that Russian troops, at the height of the Cold War, fought militants backed by the U.S. in Afghanistan. Today, in a world witnessing the “new Cold War,” a renowned U.S. general...
    27 March 2017
    A. Gift
  • Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of contact with Russia in Twitter tirade

    Donald Trump continued his early-morning tweet-storm by making a baseless allegation against Hillary Clinton.
    The biggest controversy surrounding the 2016 presidential election has been what influence Russia had on the Donald Trump campaign. Despite evidence continuing to be released in regards to Trump...
    20 March 2017
    R. Sobel
  • Russia and China are not the biggest threats to American freedom - Dualism is

    While mainstream media and politicians often focus on the 'threat' of potentially hostile countries, not enough attention is given to our mindset
    It has now become common knowledge that media and politicians alike often focus on the threat of attack from foreign powers to push their own agenda, whether it be a new bill, policy, executive order...
    17 March 2017
    R. Ogurek
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  • The problem with a Trump presidency is that it's a Trump presidency

    Russia may be a textbook example of how the Trump presidency actually works.
    Trump is an actor. Trump is a con man. Trump is cruel. Trump is everything and nothing. Many simply throw up their hands and go on to the next thing in their lives. But if you are a politics junkie or...
    4 March 2017
    S. C. Rose
  • Without proof, Maxine Waters says Russian sex allegations about Trump are true

    MSNBC host taken aback by Waters' insistence that salacious secret dossier claims are 'absolutely true'
    Evidently, only two American citizens really know for sure what went on in a Moscow hotel room between Donald Trump and a pair of Russian prostitutes. One of them is Donald Trump, and the other is...
    10 March 2017
    M. Bressi
  • What do the American people want now?

    Plummeting popularity of newly sworn president raises doubts about way forward
    Could the seemingly blase reaction of the American public to news of alleged Trump campaign collusion with Russia be indicative of a problem in the body politic? There was a time, not so long ago,...
    11 March 2017
    N. Salant
  • CNN host grills Russian spox into admitting Putin favored Trump over Clinton

    A spokesman for the Kremlin was pressed on Russia's interference into the presidential election, and admitted the country favored Donald Trump.
    The 2016 presidential election will go down as one of the most controversial in recent history, with Russia's influence adding to the questions surrounding the results. While the consensus has been...
    12 March 2017
    R. Sobel
  • Russia may be a problem for the Boeing Starliner crewed vehicle

    It will use the Atlas-5 launch vehicle that uses the RD-180 engine, partly built in Russia
    While SpaceX is the cool kid of the aerospace business, albeit with a bad boy reputation due to its tendency to not fulfill promises in the time frame indicated, its crewed version of the Dragon is...
    14 March 2017
    M. Whittington
  • Russian meddling in election being investigated by FBI

    Director James Comey finally confirms, with links to Trump also being looked at.
    FBI Director James Comey finally confirmed today what many have long suspected was going on behind the scenes for the last couple of months, that the FBI is investigating the possible links and...
    20 March 2017
    G. Sousa
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