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Florida bill in the works targets sanctuary laws

A new proposed bill could penalize communities with illegal immigrants.
There are four communities in Tampa Bay that are for undocumented immigrants. These communities are called sanctuaries. Now a proposal that was passed Monday of last week, could erase the sanctuary...
15 March 2017 -
H. Wilkins

Death toll from car accidents continues to rise

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says Florida is number one in fatal motorcycle accidents.
The official and final statistics for 2016 are still being computed by the several agencies charged with the unenviable task of sifting through Department of Transportation statistics, police reports...
15 March 2017 -
M. Monroe

Commuting to work shouldn't be full of holes

Florida Senate and Congress are asking very little of state money to invest in transportation
In the recent effort to expand roads and rework malfunction junction, the I-75 North to I-4 Westbound traffic jam that continues all the way into I-275 South and the Howard Franklin bridge, some other...
24 March 2017 -
H. Wilkins
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    A guy in Florida chilled out in the middle of the road while eating some pancakes.
    Last Tuesday, a man in Florida headed to an IHOP restaurant and did what many people do there. They ordered pancakes, but then he did something that most people probably wouldn't do. He decided to...
    26 March 2017
    N. Vickers
  • Florida tightens its death penalty law

    The change now requires a unanimous recommendation by a jury for it to go forward
    A few days ago the governor of Florida, Republican Rick Scott, signed legislation that would put more severe restrictions on the state's death penalty law. This law is just one of the more recent...
    17 March 2017
    G. Sousa
  • Wisconsin vs Florida 2017 NCAA tournament: TV time, game info, odds

    Can the Big Ten's last hope make it to the next round after Michigan fell on Thursday?
    Wisconsin has the second-highest seed remaining in the big dance (Xavier has the 11 seed). It's only fitting they're the last Big Ten team remaining after the conference has had a wild yet dismal...
    24 March 2017
    B. Smith
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