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Florida legislation delays the medial marijuana amendment

Florida legislators are trying to find a way to disburse the plants throughout the state of Florida.
Thanks to nearly 75% of people in the state of Florida voting 'yes' to medical marijuana, legislators are now stumped with ideas to try and make it accessible throughout the state. Due to the concerns...
18 November 2016 -
H. Wilkins

Florida alligator watch in effect after child’s death and several close calls

Following fatal incident at Disney World resort, Florida is looking into alligator warning signs statewide.
Florida alligators are everywhere throughout Florida, and it is critical that everyone living in the area or visiting be aware of their presence. A little boy was tragically killed by an alligator...
8 November 2016 -
S. (. Lee

Boy killed by Florida alligator lives on in other children

Young Lane Graves gives life to other families through Lane Thomas Foundation.
The entire nation was devastated when Lane Graves, a two-year-old boy was killed at the Walt Disney World Resort by a Florida alligator. The little guy was building sandcastles and walking along the...
9 November 2016 -
S. (. Lee
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  • Thanksgiving invitation 911 call to Florida deputies from five-year-old boy

    While his mother was in the kitchen cooking, a young Florida boy dialed 911 to invite local deputies over for Thanksgiving dinner
    Both the 911 dispatchers and the deputies themselves were moved after five-year-old Billy Nolan used the emergency number to invite the cops over for Thanksgiving dinner. While they didn’t...
    27 November 2016
    A. Sewell
  • Trump takes lead in Florida in shocking twist

    Donald absolutely needed to win Florida if he would have a chance in the election and it looks like he is going to.
    Donald Trump has to be happy with the way the election is going right now. He currently has a lead in Florida, one of the states that he absolutely needed to win to have a chance in this year's...
    8 November 2016
    A. Granville
  • W.H.O. says that the Zika virus is nothing to be globally concerned about

    An update from the World Heath Organization says Zika is no longer a global concern
    It can happen to anyone who lives near bodies of water. Mosquitoes can come up and bite you, leaving a red dot or a painful welt on your arm. But when Zika was discovered this year, many pregnant...
    19 November 2016
    H. Wilkins
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