Trump says he actually likes Bernie Sanders

And that the Democrats - and Hillary Clinton - rigged his bid for the presidency
One of the more interesting things to come out of Trump's speech Friday at the #Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday was his discussion about Bernie Sanders, who he surprisingly didn't...
24 February 2017 -
E. Vulet

Donald Trump thinks that a pro-MAGA rally would be 'biggest of them all'

Trump puts his foot in his mouth again on Twitter, drawing some too-obvious blowback from Bernie Sanders.
Donald Trump is no stranger to Twitter, but nor is he a stranger to making mistakes from his popular account. Arguably his most-famous gaffe was his usage of the word "unpresidented" in December of...
25 February 2017 -
S. K. Lambert

Ted Cruz fact-checked hard during 'Obamacare' debate with Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz took part in a special "Obamacare" debate, though one senator was a little more free with the facts.
One of the hottest topics in American politics has been, and still is, over how the country handles the health care system. During a debate over the issue on Wednesday night, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz faced...
7 February 2017 -
R. Sobel
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