Bernie Sanders, Justice Democrats: 'Medicare for all'

Bernie Saners, Justice Democrats, and a number of other groups, are pushing for single-payer 'Medicare-for-all' legislation
On Sunday, U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders announced his intention to introduce legislation outlining a single-payer 'Medicare-for-all' health insurance program. Progressive wing of the...
28 March 2017 -
S. Sinclair

Paul Ryan: Obamacare is a 'collapsing law' doing 'too much damage to families'

The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives said that Republicans 'don't want government-run health care' at a weekly press conference.
Following his pulling of the American Health Care Act from Congress, late Friday, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke about the party's stance toward health care reform going forward, calling the...
28 March 2017 -
S. Sinclair

Sen. Sanders attacks EPA head using debunked talking points

Bernie Sanders trotted out his own ‘alternative facts’ when he blasted Scott Pruitt for his climate change comments.
Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Socialist-Independent from Vermont, went on a tear yesterday when he learned the EPA's new head Scott Pruitt said on CNN he didn't think CO2 was the predominant cause of...
10 March 2017 -
T. Richard
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