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Donald Trump to raise taxes on millions of low to middle income Americans, report explains

Donald Trump has released his tax plan, and a new report explains what it will mean for Americans at the bottom or the middle of the income bracket.
Millions of Americans are wondering what's next for the country following the election of Donald Trump. The one issue that directly impacts all Americans is the economy, which the new president-elect...
14 November 2016 -
R. Sobel

Ex-Bush offical in State Department warns 'stay away' from 'arrogant' Trump administration

A former member of the State Department under George W. Bush met with Donald Trump's transition, and it didn't go well.
When it became clear that Donald Trump was going to be the next president, millions of Americans across the country paused and wonder what was going to happen next. Even many Republicans opposed...
15 November 2016 -
R. Sobel

Donald Trump scolded, embarrassed Chris Christie in heated confrontation, report details

The relationship between Donald Trump and Chris Christie has hit a bumpy road over the last week, but a new report explained exactly what went wrong.
Following his election win earlier this month, Donald Trump tapped New Jersey Gov Chris Christie to run his transition team. Within a few days, Christie was out and speculation quickly followed....
19 November 2016 -
R. Sobel
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