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Trump is trying to undo Obama environment advances with a stroke of the pen

The President may face years of court challenges as he seeks to undo key environmental regulations
President Trump has signaled that he will defend coal and end job-crushing regulation of miners in an executive order. According to AP the dismantling of Obama environmental efforts will get a boost....
28 March 2017 -
S. C. Rose

The executive order signed by Trump to dismantle Obama's environmental policy

3 keys to understanding Donald Trump's 'Executive Order of Energy Independence'
Surrounded by a group of coal miners, the President of the United States on Tuesday began to dismantle essential elements of the environmental policies of his predecessor, Barack Obama. "We're going...
29 March 2017 -
S. . Keerthi

Obama’s wind farm rule kills hundreds of eagles, lead bullets don’t

Trump reversing a lead bullet ban isn’t an immediate threat to the bald eagle. An Obama-era rule is the real killer.
Greens are blaming President Donald Trump for overturning a rule prohibiting the use of lead bullets on national wildlife reserves that some biologists blame for eagle deaths. But before he left...
21 March 2017 -
T. Richard
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