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Trump on Immigration, Asylum, and The Memo

Department of Homeland Security Memo on Illegal Immigration and Asylum
Expedited removal The Trump Administration is citing unacceptable delays within the immigration court system as reason to use expedited removal. In addition, the new administration has promised a...
24 February 2017 -
L. Carroll

Federal agents demand passengers show IDs in search of illegal immigrant

Domestic flight passengers were forced to show IDs when federal agents came looking for an undocumented immigrant.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection is in the spotlight again after their agents forced domestic flight passengers to show identification before being allowed to disembark from the aircraft. Delta...
24 February 2017 -
D. Riales

U.S. public schools taking initiative to protect undocumented students

Educators across the country pledge to calm frayed nerves due to immigration crackdown.
Unless they are served with a criminal warrant, Chicago Public Schools vow to deny federal immigration agents access to personnel, school buildings or district offices. School districts from east...
23 February 2017 -
S. Oliver
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  • Kansas man shot 2 Indian men, killing one

    Suspect yelled racist slurs before opening fire on 2 Indian men, killing one of them.
    Kansas police arrested Adam W. Purinton in Olathe and filed first-degree murder charges against him. The 51-year-old was taken into custody in Missouri the following day. The shooting occurred at...
    24 February 2017
    D. Riales
  • White House allegedly sitting on draft order which could deport legal immigrants

    Trump’s draft executive order seems to target immigrants living on public assistance.
    The Trump presidency is getting off to a heck of a rocky start, to say the least, and there are no signs of it smoothing out anytime soon. The new “resistance” movement is as close on Donald Trump...
    31 January 2017
    S. Oliver
  • Countries ban disabled people from immigrating

    During a time when progressives worldwide are fighting bans on Muslims,many progressive countries ban the disabled
    Immigration bans are becoming a hot button issue with President Trump's new order. Many other right-wing governments in other countries are considering similar laws, including post-Brexit Britain....
    29 January 2017
    M. Stafford
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  • Mexican president orders consulates in US to help illegal immigrants

    Fifty consulates located in the United States, including 10 in California
    Visibly angered by President Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the US-Mexican border and force Mexico to pay the federal government back for it, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has...
    27 January 2017
    M. S. McGuire
  • President Trump's immigration executive order sows chaos worldwide

    Legal residents with green cards and approved immigrants are being barred from the United States
    Apparently, President Donald Trump ‘s executive order temporarily barring immigrants from countries with ties to terrorism has blown up into a major headache. Immigration officials are interpreting...
    28 January 2017
    M. Whittington
  • Worst case scenario comes true

    The latest executive order breaks centuries of American tradition and possibly the Constitution
    At the end of his first week in Office, President #Donald Trump on Friday signed an executive order setting bans and eventual “extreme” vetting of Moslem refugees from “at risk” countries,...
    28 January 2017
    G. (. Pezzano
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