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Federal lawsuit filed to block Donald Trump from officially becoming president, report

A lawsuit has been filed in an attempt to prevent Donald Trump from making it to the White House.
When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the next president-elect during election 2016, it shocked millions in the United States and around the world. While Trump won more than the 270...
6 December 2016 -
R. Sobel

Stop the recounts, Jill Stein: Trump won

The Green Party candidate is leading a recount effort in certain states, and she shouldn't be.
Donald Trump turned the world upside down on November 8th, when he won the electoral college and became the President-Elect of the United States. Since then, Democrats have been in disbelief regarding...
6 December 2016 -
M. Perez

Donald Trump: the most powerful man in the world?

An article discussing and analyzing possible policy implementations based on Trump's views through his campaign.
"This was a white-lash against a changing country" (Van Jones, American attorney). Result 2016 has been a year of surprises. One of the biggest highlights happens to be the shocking exit of England...
6 December 2016 -
S. Sadiq
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  • Donald Trump wins the American Elections

    Against all odds, polls, and hopes, Donald Trump claimed victory in the presidential election Tuesday
    Donald Trump, the republican candidate will be the next president of the United States. The candidate, Donald Trump, has shocked the entire United states, and the rest of the world in the defeat of...
    9 November 2016
    M. Trapiello
  • Melania tells Trump when he's crossed the line "all the time"

    Melania Trump says she tells Trump "all the time" when he crosses line in '60 minutes' interview
    Last night during Lesley Stahl's "60 minutes" interview, Melania Trump says that she tells president-elect Donald Trump when he has crossed the line "all the time." The new family of the White House...
    14 November 2016
    A. Meinecke
  • Peter Thiel proved right to bet on Trump

    Peter Thiel turned out right to think Trump election was possible for 2016.
    Peter Thiel made waves when he came out in support of Trump way back in the summer when he spoke at the Republican Convention, and the shock only grew when he donated $1.25 million to the Trump...
    11 November 2016
    A. Meinecke
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