President Trump White House is suppressing vital information

Amid all manner of false claims of great achievements, the actualities of Trump's administration are disastrous
The clues should be pretty obvious, amid all the noise of the internet and current efforts to put a good face on an administration that gets an A in only one subject. That subject is Transition to...
29 April 2017 -
S. C. Rose

Bill Nye unloads on CNN for allowing climate change denier on during Earth Day

On Earth Day, CNN held a discussion on climate change and Bill Nye was not happy that a skeptic was allowed on the panel.
As millions celebrate Earth Day as a way to promote science and other causes, Republicans and conservatives are pushing back. The issue was discussed during an interview on CNN where TV show host and...
22 April 2017 -
R. Sobel

Bill Maher denounces Mars colonies in a profanity laced rant

If we go to Mars then we will all die from climate change, suggests the HBO rant artist
One has to hand it to Bill Maher, the tawdry rant artist whose long-running HBO show has provided endless material for conservative pundits to flog the left with, anything that comes out of his mouth...
23 April 2017 -
M. Whittington
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  • California’s governor says ‘never-ending drought’ is officially over

    Gov. Jerry Brown once said the state’s drought was the new normal and blamed it on climate change—now it’s officially over
    California’s Gov. Jerry Brown announced the ‘never-ending drought’ was officially over, despite previous comments that global warming was making it the ‘new normal.’ Numerous studies showed...
    10 April 2017
    T. Richard
  • Widespread claims of a dead Great Barrier Reef are overblown

    The divers who make a living on the Great Barrier Reef want people to know coral bleaching doesn’t equal death.
    After numerous media reports said the Great Barrier Reef was dead from climate change, reef divers wanted to correct the record: coral bleaching doesn’t mean death. Last month, researchers led by...
    11 April 2017
    T. Richard
  • To fight climate change, a new bill would ban all fossil fuels by 2050

    Ahead of the People’s Climate March, new legislation will get introduced that would outlaw fossil fuel use by 2050.
    In a publicity stunt tied directly to the People’s Climate March, Sen. Jeff Merkley (Ore.-D) will announce new legislation that would ban fossil fuels by 2050. Merkley said he will introduce the...
    14 April 2017
    T. Richard
  • 43 years ago today, the largest outbreak of tornadoes swept across 13 states

    In 1974, an unprecedented number of tornadoes killed hundreds and would later be linked to global cooling.
    On this day in 1974, 148 deadly tornadoes wreaked devastation in over a dozen states, which experts later would call an "ominous sign" of global cooling. Tony Heller, the editor at Real Climate...
    3 April 2017
    T. Richard
  • Colombia tragedy is an argument for cybercommunities

    Cybercommunities are designed to reckon with extremes whether from climate change or not
    With depressing regularity, we hear of and see tragic natural disasters. We can do more than pray and wring our hands. There is no failsafe way to guarantee we will not fall to some disaster. But...
    2 April 2017
    S. C. Rose
  • By 2050, climate change could rob you of a smooth flight

    A recent study has revealed that climate change can affect the airflow pattern and give rise to turbulent and bumpy flights
    A study carried out by the University of Reading has revealed little-known effects of climate change on a smooth flight. The study is led by meteorology professor Paul Williams and he cautions that...
    7 April 2017
    P. Ghose
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