Debunking claims of Antarctica’s ‘record’ sea ice loss

Antarctica is getting renewed focus for having ‘record’ summer sea ice loss, beating the old one by 0.1 percent.
The NSIDC announced Antarctica’s sea ice loss was the greatest it’s been since 1978 (when tracking began) despite a long-term trend showing the continent gaining in size. The sea ice, which...
23 February 2017 -
T. Richard

Climate change update, Punxsutawney Phil was wrong

Greenland is melting, the antarctic ice sheets are cracking, and yesterday it was 71 degrees in Punxsutawney - Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter.
Although Groundhog Day is just a joke but a fun one in small town America, Phil seems to be on the side of the 1% of climate “scientists” who deny global climate change. Today Phil is again...
24 February 2017 -
j. a. mccormick

Fact-checking Al Gore’s controversial, apocalyptic climate conference

Gore's future is one of extreme weather, crop shortages, and deadly heat waves: fiery rhetoric or more fake news?
Former Vice President Al Gore is back and our future has never been bleaker. That was the message he delivered at a Climate & Health meeting he hastily organized after a Centers for Disease...
17 February 2017 -
T. Richard
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  • NOAA scientists caught manipulating data to create climate change panic

    Whistleblower claims NOAA tampered with global warming data to stun world leaders at Paris climate conference.
    On Sunday, the DailyMail claimed that it has evidence that the world's most respected source of climate data, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, hastily and knowingly published a...
    5 February 2017
    M. Bressi
  • Trump’s likely science advisor: many climate scientists ‘glassy-eyed cult’

    Donald Trump’s probable science advisor said many climate scientists are cultists in the throes of collective madness.
    Princeton University physicist William Happer, the most likely candidate to be Donald Trump’s science advisor, said many climate scientists are like a “glassy-eyed cult.” In a new interview with...
    15 February 2017
    T. Richard
  • Bill Nye targeting kids with climate change hype in new show

    Bill Nye wants to ‘save the world’ by explaining to your kids how science works, despite not being an actual scientist.
    Netflix is launching a new show confidently titled “Bill Nye Saves the World” where Nye will explain complicated topics like global warming to kids as he understands it. The show wants to...
    8 February 2017
    T. Richard
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  • Clinton warned about 'midnight in america,' scientists literally confirm it

    As they set their Doomsday Clock, scientists plan to march for science and against the world's greatest existential threat in 60-years.
    A march for science in D.C. is currently emerging as a response to the bias of the Trump administration's dismissal of general scientific evidence. In the meantime, this week, the well-respected...
    28 January 2017
    J. Mark
  • Fake government Twitter accounts fuel conflict and Trump resistance

    As phony government Twitter accounts multiply, the public is finding it hard to distinguish between agencies and activists.
    A groundswell of fake Twitter accounts, with many asserting they are authorized to speak on behalf of the government, is inciting dissent and leading a "resist" Trump campaign. These bogus ‘alt’...
    26 January 2017
    T. Richard
  • Trump’s new order could kill the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

    A new presidential order to slash regulations may sound the death knell for the EPA’s controversial Clean Power Plan.
    President Donald Trump has issued a new executive order that could literally kill the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and roll back onerous climate change regulations. It directs federal agencies to...
    30 January 2017
    T. Richard
  • Judge tosses out ‘defense of planet’ in climate activist’s trial

    A Washington-state judge has thrown out a defendant’s argument he was saving the planet from the ‘grave threat of climate change.’
    A Washington-state judge has left climate activists steaming after he ruled the ‘necessity defense’ couldn’t be used in the trial of an oil-pipeline saboteur. Ken Ward, an extreme activist and...
    31 January 2017
    T. Richard
  • NOAA scientists manipulated climate data to erase global warming pause

    A whistleblower says a NOAA paper that made climate change look worse was based on tampered data to drive international policy.
    A former top NOAA scientist has come forward and revealed how climate change data was manipulated ahead of the Paris climate talks. Not only was the data manipulated to show there was never a global...
    6 February 2017
    T. Richard
  • Sorry, Prof. Mann, fossil fuels have allowed mankind to flourish

    Climatologist Michael Mann makes an apocalyptical case that fossil fuels are a threat to mankind despite a century of benefits.
    Climate activist Michael E. Mann believes Australia’s prime minister and America’s new president both pose an “existential threat” to humanity, thanks to their embrace of fossil fuels. Mann, a...
    7 February 2017
    T. Richard
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