Climate Change: The 21st century human rights’ arch-rival

The planet’s climate is tilting and it may hit hard the fragile defence of human rights.
Climate change is real and it is coming fast towards us. If we still continue to be apathetic towards this growing malign of our society then we will be the culprit, the only culprit of our own...
27 June 2017 -
M. Cloa

Trump's decision did not trump all minds — the fight continues

Though the president is not concerned about the climate, the rest of the world still is
The fight to improve the climate continues, despite Trump's pull from the Paris climate agreement. According to the New York Times, the United States Conference of Mayors have decided to push the...
28 June 2017 -
B. James

Gov. Jerry Brown and President Xi Jinping discuss climate change

The United States has withdrawn from the Paris accord but Gov. Jerry Brown is discussing climate change with Xi Jinping in China
It is a strange situation that Jerry Brown, the governor of California, who is currently in China to participate in a conference on energy in Beijing, took the opportunity to seek a meeting with the...
8 June 2017 -
P. Ghose
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  • Climate change expedition canceled due to climate change

    Arctic research on hold thanks to severe ice conditions caused by warm temperatures.
    You can go ahead and file this one under "can't make this stuff up." A Canadian research expedition set to begin the first leg of its journey to study the effects of climate change in the Arctic has...
    16 June 2017
    T. Bille
  • How to have an eco-friendly 4th of July

    With global temperatures on the rise and Independence day around the corner, here are ways to fire up our grills and not the planet
    The Fourth of July is the pinnacle of an American summer, and here in the USA, we don’t hesitate to celebrate our Independence day to the fullest extent. In 2015, 42 million people traveled at least...
    22 June 2017
  • Paris Agreement - What do we really know about climate changes?

    Greenhouse gas emissions are not the only thing we have to worry about. There is a lot more to take into consideration.
    What do we really know about Climate changes? Are the Greenhouse gases the only thing we have to worry about? What does really cause Global warming and how are we taking part in it? There is more to...
    21 June 2017
    A. Begovic
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  • Climate change: fact, fiction or both

    Geology is the study of our earth and within the rocks is the truth about climate change
    Geologists consider the last 50 million years as the recent past because it represents approximately 1 percent of the age of the earth. Geologists are the majority of climate deniers and with good...
    3 June 2017
    L. Carroll
  • Kellyanne Conway torched on Twitter after posting anti-climate change tweet

    Kellyanne Conway continued to praise Donald Trump for removing the U.S. from the Paris climate accord, which didn't go over well with critics.
    Over the last week, one of the biggest stories to dominate the news cycle has been Donald Trump pulling the United States out of the Paris climate accord. After Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway...
    3 June 2017
    R. Sobel
  • Sean Spicer stumbles to respond when grilled about Trump's climate change stance

    Sean Spicer was put in the difficult position of explaining and deflecting from questions surrounding Donald Trump's view on climate change.
    Over the last 24 hours, the headlines news has been dominated by Donald Trump and his decision to withdraw the United States from the historic Paris climate accord. As criticism continues to come down...
    2 June 2017
    R. Sobel
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