House Science Committee tweets link to climate skeptic article and Twitter storm ensues

A tweet sent by the House Science Committee has caused an Internet meltdown and even drew the ire of Bernie Sanders.
When the House’s Committee on Science sent out a tweet yesterday linking to a “Breitbart” article that called into question global warming orthodoxy, the backlash from climate alarmists was fast...
2 December 2016 -
T. Richard

Retired professor predicts mass human extinction from climate change in 10 years

A top biologist says the human race will soon become extinct and we should accept the inevitability of our demise
A retired University of Arizona professor said the human race is heading toward a sixth mass extinction event and it’s right around the corner. Guy McPherson, a biologist and professor emeritus of...
30 November 2016 -
T. Richard

Trump’s top environmentalist says greens should deal with urgent issues, not climate

Donald Trump’s environmental advisor thinks greens should focus on current problems and stop fixating on the climate.
One of Donald Trump’s top environmental advisors has a message for anxious green groups: Relax. Ed Russo, who has worked for Trump since 2001 as an environmental consultant, has been getting calls...
28 November 2016 -
T. Richard
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