EPA chief says Trump will kill Clean Power Plan, slams Paris accord

On Sunday, EPA head Scott Pruitt blasted the Paris climate accord and said President Trump will end the Clean Power Plan.
EPA head Scott Pruitt told ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement to avert global warming was “a bad deal” for the U.S. He said President Donald Trump will sign...
27 March 2017 -
T. Richard

Trump to eliminate Obama’s clean power plan

Represents a shift away from fighting climate change and toward economic growth
President Donald Trump is preparing to sign an executive order that will rescind Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which would have mandated a 30 percent reduction in greenhouse gasses from power...
28 March 2017 -
M. Whittington

Trump rescinds Obama-era rules with energy independence order

President Trump signed a new order today toward making America energy independent while protecting the environment.
Keeping another campaign pledge, President Donald Trump signed the Energy Independence Executive Order today that rescinds, reviews, or freezes nearly half a dozen Obama-era rules. The order's primary...
28 March 2017 -
T. Richard
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  • Divers say less than 5% of Great Barrier Reef is dead, not half

    Great Barrier Reef divers found less than five percent of coral death from so-called mass bleaching event.
    A team of divers is pushing back on a so-called second mass bleaching event occurring on the Great Barrier Reef, which media reports said affected 50 to 60 percent of Cape York region. Scientists from...
    20 March 2017
    T. Richard
  • Cancer related deaths on the rise in America due to climate change

    Scientists warn climate change has become a serious health risk in America today.
    The nation's top medical societies have come out with a report that says man-made climate change is causing cancer-related deaths to rise dramatically in the U.S. Unusually dangerous weather patterns,...
    21 March 2017
    T. Filis
  • Leaving UN climate pact fueled by 3 years of flat global CO2 emissions

    As President Trump considers exiting the Paris climate accord, a new report shows three years of flat carbon emissions.
    For the third straight year, global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have stalled, fueling the Trump administration’s desire to exit the U.N.’s Paris accord, a scheme to retard global warming. The...
    22 March 2017
    T. Richard
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  • EPA will take huge climate hit in current budget proposal

    The Trump administration’s proposed budget will eviscerate EPA climate funding and boost military spending.
    The White House’s proposed budget will target the lavishly funded Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plus other agencies across the board. Drafted by the Office of Management and Budget, the...
    27 February 2017
    T. Richard
  • Tucker Carlson and Bill Nye clash on climate change

    The science guy says that drastic action must be taken or England will have a wine industry
    One of the most bizarre interviews in television history took place on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show when Bill Nye the Science Guy appeared to proclaim that the science was settled on the subject...
    28 February 2017
    M. Whittington
  • Video: Tucker Carlson clashes with Bill Nye over climate change

    In a rambling, somewhat incoherent interview, Bill Nye the ‘Science’ guy flops on national TV.
    Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went head to head Monday night with Bill Nye the ‘Science’ guy and it was like watching the school nerd beating up on the bully. Except in this case the nerd was Tucker...
    28 February 2017
    T. Richard
  • NOAA in danger of steep budget cut

    The White House is looking to undermine the country's climate science agency
    NOAA research is valuable to the United States in many ways. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is responsible for a great deal of the climate research the government conducts, a...
    3 March 2017
    H. Walter-Warner
  • EPA head says CO2 not cause of global warming

    Left leaning media and DC politicians calls EPA head Scott Pruitt a global warming denier, fear Obama era regulations and programs face dismantling.
    In a statement that is causing outrage among left leaning DC politicians and some left wing media, the head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt said Thursday that he does not believe carbon dioxide (CO2) is the...
    10 March 2017
    V. Zandri
  • Report: A dozen groups give Gov. Brown failing green grade

    Twelve environmental and watchdog groups published a report blasting Gov. Jerry Brown’s so-called green credentials.
    A coalition of green and public interest groups has published a report that says Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Calif.) was living up to his surname: he’s more ‘Brown’ than green. It accuses him of...
    14 March 2017
    T. Richard
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