Toyota’s newest hydrogen car hits the road in oil-rich Emirates

Toyota is putting the pedal to the metal as it promotes its hydrogen-powered car in the oil producing United Arab Emirates.
Energy companies from Abu Dhabi will be working with Toyota to showcase its newest hydrogen-powered vehicle for use in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The companies involved include Adnoc, Masdar, Al...
17 January 2017 -
T. Richard

Trump will keep climate and energy promises says former transition leader

The previous head of Trump’s energy transition team says the President-elect will keep his campaign promises.
A former head of President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition team said the incoming administration will likely ignore the Paris Climate Agreement, calling it a "dead letter." Mike McKenna, who...
16 January 2017 -
T. Richard

Trump’s Interior choice stresses broad energy mix including clean coal

During his confirmation hearings, Interior pick Ryan Zinke said he favors a broad energy mix while protecting the environment.
Rep. Ryan Zinke, the nominee for Interior secretary, told senators at his confirmation hearing the incoming administration would renew its commitment to fossil fuel development, including clean coal....
18 January 2017 -
T. Richard
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  • Zoologist calls U.S. polar bear survival plan ‘fake news’ as animals thrive

    U.S. wildlife releases a plan to protect polar bears from global warming, despite their numbers doubling over 50 years
    In what one zoologist is calling “fake news,” the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced the final version of a draft report that climate change is the chief threat to polar bears....
    10 January 2017
    T. Richard
  • Despite new study, global warming pause ‘still going strong’

    A new study that only looked at ocean temperatures is being trumpeted as disproving the global warming pause–it doesn’t.
    According to a new study, the rate of ocean warming for the past 19 years was rising nearly twice as fast than originally measured, but land temps still show a global warming pause. Previously, sea...
    5 January 2017
    T. Richard
  • orchestrates ‘Day Against Denial’ protesting Trump’s cabinet picks

    Activist groups led by are planning protests today and telling people to contact their senators to reject President-elect Trump’s key picks.
    Bone-chilling temperatures across the U.S. haven’t stopped from holding a "Day Against Denial," featuring climate change protests and events today asking people to tell their U.S. Senators...
    9 January 2017
    T. Richard
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  • Obama’s barrage of new regulations set to slow Trump’s 100-day agenda

    President Obama is pushing out at least $44 billion in new regulations that President-elect Trump will have to deal with on day one.
    With inauguration day a few weeks away, President Obama is squeezing out enough regulations and executive actions to hamstring the GOP and President-elect Donald Trump’s aggressive 100-day agenda....
    27 December 2016
    T. Richard
  • Wisconsin DNR drops climate change from its site, media storm ensues

    The Department of Natural Resources has removed from its site any language that humans and CO2 are behind global warming.
    The Wisconsin DNR is getting flak for updating its site and removing any reference to climate change. Rather, the Department of Natural Resources site writes the Earth has been going through changes...
    29 December 2016
    T. Richard
  • Get ready for a new climate change debate

    Global warming dissidents come out of the closet with the advent of President Donald Trump
    One of the beneficial effects of the coming Trump presidency is the fact that climate change dissidents, many of them eminent scientists, are going to emerge from the closet and make their views heard...
    30 December 2016
    M. Whittington
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