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Nintendo Switch price potentially leaked by Canadian retailer

Has Toys “R” Us Canada accidentally leaked the price point for Nintendo’s new hybrid console?
According to the tech news site Neowin, the Canadian division of the American toy and video game retailer Toys “R” Us might have potentially revealed the price for Nintendo’s highly anticipated...
14 November 2016 -

USA travel off the agenda for now making western Canada the pick

A combination of a safe political climate and weak Canadian dollar should make Canada a tourist's choice
America keeps taking the hits as footage of the anti-Donald Trump protests are aired world wide. Turkey has issued a travel warning for its citizens planning to go to the USA, citing the protests as a...
13 November 2016 -
S. K. Lambert

Best place in Canada to live in if you are politically progressive and serious to move

Hillary Clinton supporters in shock and awe as Donald Trump surprises the world
There are a ton of centrist and progressives out there that have claimed that they would move to Canada if Donald Trump won the election. I'm guessing that actually executing the move is a lot easier...
9 November 2016 -
S. K. Lambert
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  • Canada's Justin Trudeau becomes a world-wide laughing stock

    The prime minister's praise of the dead Fidel Castro caused universal mockery
    The death of Fidel Castro, the monster that has blighted Cuba for the past nearly six decades, may have another casualty. The collateral damage seems to be the reputation of Canada’s Prime Minister...
    29 November 2016
    M. Whittington
  • 'This is not America' say anti alt-Right protesters in Canada

    Incidents of racism on the rise in Canada after Trump won US election 2016
    Canada - anti alt-Right protesters are angry with the incidents of racism that appear to be on the rise following on the heels of the US Election 2016. Many alt-Right people voted for Donald Trump and...
    28 November 2016
    J. Flowers
  • The top five countries where you can escape American politics

    If you are privileged enough to be able to afford a short term vacation in the wake of the U.S election, here are some suggestions.
    It seems that Barrack was right as usual, and the sun did shine the morning of 9th November. The world is still here, and yes you can put down your handheld devices and TV remotes because no matter...
    13 November 2016
    L. Steers
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