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A new 'Rick and Morty' promo is out, and it might have secret messages

Fans are sure that there’s something hidden in the video, they just can’t agree on what.
"Rick and Morty" seems to have a solid grip, so to speak, on its collective fandom. Of course, what fandom wouldn’t enjoy a steady bout of adventure and entertainment when their favorite animated television show is on hiatus and a brand new season is in the works? Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are indisputable geniuses when it comes to marketing the massively popular series. Decoding the sarcasm Beloved fandom of "Rick and Morty," the time has come -- the edging, spine-chilling, jaw-dropping moment of satisfaction that comes with a brand new, nifty little "Rick and Morty" teaser. The teaser lasts less than 15 seconds, and it first aired on Adult Swim less than a week ago. The teaser, however small it may be, has left the collective fandom baffled and at a loss for words. Aptly titled “This has no secret message," it is as satirical as it could possibly get. The mini-powerhouse of a teaser has fans scratching their heads, pulling their hair out, and pining for answers. The video,...