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Cat-napping grandad photos go viral, it's a worthy Ellen Degeneres story say fans

A volunteer who loves cats fell asleep with his favorite animals and viral photos resulted in thousands of dollars of donations.
A cat-napping grandpa fell asleep surrounded by shelter animals and photos of him went viral. Many fans of the post felt it should be an Ellen Degeneres story. The popular photos were posted up on September 18 by Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc. in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The images on Facebook were captioned as, "We are so lucky to have a human like Terry. Terry just came along one day and introduced himself. He said he'd like to brush cats. Eventually, it became everyday. He brushes all of the cats and can tell you about all of their likes and dislikes. He also accidentally falls asleep most days. We don't mind - Cats need this! Terry is a wonderful volunteer." Huge funding boost for the shelter after photos go viral The post got so many likes and comments, that since then, News8 reported that a funding boost came into the shelter for cats with special needs. Apparently, the funding that flowed in is equivalent to their annual funding goal. The money came in within a matter of...