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Where was Oprah Winfrey's plus one for the royal wedding?

Stedman Graham was not at the royal wedding with longtime partner Oprah Winfrey for a very good reason.
Stedman Graham was invited to the royal wedding that took place on Saturday, May 19, 2018. He was not snubbed as some people speculated. Oprah Winfrey's invitation included a plus one. Stedman had a very good reason for missing the wedding. Instead of being at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, Graham was delivering a commencement address at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland thousands of miles away. At the graduation Graham spoke to a graduating class of 661 about living a fulfilled life. He told the graduates that he was invited to the wedding with Oprah, but he would rather be with them. Then, he jokingly told them not to tell Oprah. About the speech Most commencement speeches are pep talks for the graduates. Stedman advised the students to focus on who they are. He challenged them to make the transition from being a follower to becoming a leader. The speaker encouraged Coppin's class of 2018 to make a plan to achieve their dream. Graham told a personal story to...